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“Mission Youth strives to introduce the next generation to a living God, connect them to a biblical community, and empower them to live a Christ centered life."

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Welcome to the Global Outreach Ministry!

The goal of the Global Outreach Ministry is to live out the great commission, by working to make disciples in Urbandale, Iowa, and around the world. We believe that God has equipped each of us with a unique set of gifts that enables all of us to serve Him by reaching others with the gospel. In some cases, these gifts allow us to travel to other countries, as is the case with missionaries. However, that is not where the Global Outreach Ministry ends. Global Outreach is also focused on reaching out locally, whether it be through organized volunteer events or simply helping out someone going through a tough time in their life. As a key component of The Mission Church's Pathway Diagram, living On Mission is something that all of us need to be involved in.

Our Current Focus Partnerships

The Mission Church has chosen to focus on four specific partnerships for Global Missions: Southern Africa, the Dominican Republic, Spain, and India. By narrowing our focus to these locations, we have been able to build much stronger relationships with the missionaries and organizations.

East Africa

This partnership started out in Kenya, but has since grown to include Zambia and the surrounding countries. One of the missionaries that we support is Joe Michael Kamau, who is the Africa Director for Xponent Ministries. We also support the Lighteners, who serve with Family Legacy, caring for Zambian orphans. We have taken multiple trips to Kenya and Zambia in the past, and are planning on doing more in the future.

Dominican Republic

Our church usually sends a group to the Dominican Republic every other year through Time Ministries. We also partner with Pastor Carlos and his church in Pica Pica, and have been a part of constructing several building for them over the past several years.



Our focus on India has been somewhat unique in that we have focused much more heavily on the prayer aspect in this location. We have done several prayer treks through India, which have been truly incredible. We support T. Merang & Anungla Pongen, who are Indian nationals working with Pioneers, reaching the poor and illiterate of India.

Get Started

Ready to get involved? There are many ways that you can help spread the gospel:


Prayer is incredibly impactful and should never be underestimated. During His time on earth, Jesus continually left us an example of blanketing ministry in prayer. And yet, so often we fail to pray until we are are in need of God's help. Adding a time of prayer for missions to your daily routine can make an incredible impact on those who are working to share God's word around the world. Each week we have a prayer sheet available in your bulletin that spotlights some organizations and people to pray for, both on a local and global scale.


Interested in learning more about God's plan for Missions? Here are a few good resources:

Biblical Basis for Missions

Missions Exists Because Worship Doesn't

People Groups

Perspectives is also an excellent course to take if you are interested in delving deeper into the meaning of Missions. It is a 15 week course, including speakers from numerous missions backgrounds. For more information, contact Jane Christiansen.


There are lots of opportunities available to put missions into action, from short term mission trips to local service projects. Short term mission trips are an amazing chance to serve God in a different country. Few things can compare to being immersed in a totally different culture for a week. Or, if you aren't able to participate in any of our global trips, there are always people in need in our own city. Check out the list of Missions events to see more information of what's going on right now.


Even if you are not able to go on a trip yourself, you can greatly help others who are going through financial support. International travel and living can be quite costly, so every gift is appreciated regardless of the size. Our church supports over 30 missionaries around the world. Your giving to Global Outreach Faith Promise helps provide financial support for these workers. If you are interested in giving specifically for missions, simply indicate that on your offering envelope.