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“Mission Youth strives to introduce the next generation to a living God, connect them to a biblical community, and empower them to live a Christ centered life."

Disciple-making Cohort


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We believe that every person should be experiencing real-life transformation in Christ. In order to facilitate that process, we have designed all of our Adult Ministry opportunities around four core dynamics:

  1. Biblical - the Word of God is central to everything we do.
  2. Relational - healthy relationships with other believers is vital. This includes encouragement and accountability.
  3. Intentional - everything we do has a purpose that is centered about loving God, loving others, and making disciples.
  4. Reproducible - making disciples effectively hinges on simplicity and reproducibility.

We offer men's ministry, women's ministry, adult Bible fellowships, marriage ministry, Stephen Ministry, monthly prayer gatherings, and more.

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Looking for resources for disciple-making?

We believe that disciple-making is the primary ministry of The Mission Church. Therefore, in July 2019, we spent six weeks preaching on the topic of disciple-making. That sermon series is called "The Supremacy of Disciple-Making" and you can find those messages here. Immediately following that sermon series, we offered a 4-week Disciple-Making Workshop where Pastor Brett Ricley trained the congregation using practical and simple tools combined with a clear plan. This workshop was recorded and you can find those videos here. Currently, we now offer a monthly gathering where anyone and everyone who desires to make disciples can come to be encouraged, share their stories, work through barriers, and be further equipped to pursue making disciples for the long run. This gathering is called the Disciple-Making Cohort and is open to anyone regardless of age, experience, knowledge, education, etc.

In addition to these resources, you can visit Pastor Brett's personal website to find a host of book recommendations, podcasts, training videos, free PDF downloads, blog posts, and more.