Walk In Purity

November 26, 2017


November 26, 2017

Mike Rose
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Driven by the Gospel: verses 1-2


Driven by the flesh: verses 3-7

Paul makes the expectation clear. A life impacted by The Gospel is one that is being transformed from spiritual darkness to light. 1 John 1:5-6

The contrast of Ephesians 5:1-7 could not be more stark…

·         Imitating God, walking in love

rather than

·         sexual immorality, impurity, covetousness, filthiness, foolish talk, crude joking.



Sexual Immorality = Porneia: sexual behaviors that fall outside of God’s parameters for sexual expression.

Impurity = akatharsia:  refers to anything that is morally unclean and filthy.

Jesus uses the term in Matthew 23:27 to describe the rottenness of decaying bodies in a tomb. Most often it is used in conjunction with sexual sin, specifically immoral thoughts, passions and fantasies.

Covetousness = pleonexia: greed, exploitation.

It’s all about self

·        self-will,

·        self-gratification

·        self-centeredness. 


At this point it should be clear why Paul says that these things should not be named among the Saints.


The word “saints” = “holy ones” and by its very meaning, communicates that that which is holy is to have nothing to do with that which is unholy.

Filthiness = aischrotēs: general obscenity… any talk that is degrading and disgraceful.


Foolish Talk = mōrologia: silly, senseless, mentally dull or stupid talk.


Crude Joking = eutrapelia: carries the idea of turning something that is said, no matter how innocent, into something obscene or suggestive.

Paul wants us to understand that among the followers of Christ, these characteristics are not to be found.

The contrast of ungodly behavior, speech and even entertainment, is that our lives are to be filled with Thanksgiving.


What does this mean?

The language here, as it does throughout the New Testament, does NOT speak to our lapses back into the ways of the flesh, but of continuous life-style.

Through Paul’s exhortation, the Holy Spirit is closing the door on the thought that following Christ only has ramifications on one’s eternal destiny, but no necessary impact on one’s here and now.  Romans 6:1-2

Truth is, one who comes to Christ in faith, is crucified with Christ. Meaning they die to the power of sin to control their life.

Is it possible for a true believer to sin?  ABSOLUTLY!

Is it possible for a true believer to be ok with it? ABSOLUTLY NOT!



The Pathway to Purity is not begging God to zap you with a lightning bolt that takes away your will to sin.  Rather it is making a choice, in the power of The Spirit and The Gospel, to walk with the Savior you love.

The power to walk with Him has already been given to you. Every Child of God can walk in Purity.  Romans 6:11-14


Wrap Up

Walking in Purity starts by acknowledging your sin, turning in faith to the Lord Jesus Christ, allowing His sacrifice on the cross, and resurrection from the dead, to give you new spiritual life.

It continues day by day, trusting in Him by faith, having your mind renewed in the truth of His Word, growing in the power of The Spirit.

Have you trusted Christ?


Believer, we have been set free from sin. We can walk in purity. The importance of doing so comes back to this question…:

How has the invisible God chosen reveal Himself in the visible world?

Through the testimony of the lives of His children.

Walk in Purity!