Walk in Gratitude!

November 19, 2017


November 19, 2017

Mike Rose
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Psalm 100 is all about the generous goodness of God and the gratitude of His people in response to His goodness.

Dr. John MacArthur points out that there are 3 general attitudes towards gratitude found in the gospel of Luke.

1.     Gratitude is not necessary = I deserve what I have and take no thought to God being the source of my blessing.

Parable of the Rich farmer in Luke 12:13-21

2.     Hypocritical Gratitude = The word “thankful” is on the lips, but not in the heart.

Parable of the Pharisee and Tax Collector. Luke 18:9-14

3.     Genuine Gratitude = Real recognition of God’s goodness and a deep desire to show gratitude to God.

Jesus Heals 10 Lepers. Luke 17:11-19

Ask yourself… which of the three represents the continuing attitude of your life?

Ephesians 5 is not the go-to passage to teach on Gratitude. Yet in verses 1-21, we are instructed twice that gratitude is attitude believers are to walk in.

·         VS3-4 we are given a list of sins that are to have no part in the life walk of a child of God, but instead there needs to be a grateful heart.

·         VS20 Paul address gratitude again, giving us 4 specific directives regarding… WhenWhatHow – and To Whom we are to be thankful.

20 giving thanks always and for everything to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ,…. 

1. When = Always – at all times.

A consistent attitude of gratitude recognizes that God is in control. He knows every detail of our lives and that in everything He allows, it is for our ultimate good. Romans 8:28.

3 levels of thankfulness:

1.     When we are blessedafter the fact


2.     In view of blessing to comebefore the fact  Philippians 4:19


3.     In the midst of difficultyduring the fact   Daniel 6:10

“Giving thinks is not a matter of feeling thankful, it is a matter of obedience.” Joni Eareckson Tada

2. What = Everything - We give God thanks for all things because all things come from, or are allowed by, Him. 1 Thessalonians 5:18 

3. How = In the Name of Jesus Christ

To give thanks in the name of Jesus is to give thanks consistent with who He is and what He has done.

4. To Whom = The Father

Every good gift and every perfect give is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow of due to change. James 1:17 

Wrap Up

A city missionary in London was called to an old tenement building where a woman lay dying in the last stages of a terrible disease. The room was cold and she had nowhere to lie but on the floor. When the missionary asked if there was anything he could do, she replied, “I have all I really need; I have Jesus Christ.” Deeply moved, the missionary went home and penned these words:

In the heart of London City,

Mid the dwellings of the poor,

These bright and golden words were uttered,

“I have Christ. What want I more?”

Spoken by a lonely woman dying on a garret floor,

Have not one earthly comfort,

“I have Christ What want I more?”[i]


Do you have Christ?


How has the invisible God chosen reveal Himself in the visible world?

Through the testimony of the lives of His children.

Walk in Gratitude!

[i] The MacArthur New Testament Commentary. Ephesians. Pg.269