Three Rights of Every Child

January 13, 2019


January 13, 2019

Mike Rose
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The Biblical Gospels give little information about Jesus’ developmental years. Other so-called “gospels” exist that offer their own version about His early years.

One such writing is called The Infancy Gospel of Thomas. Not to be confused with The Gospel of Thomas, nor with the Disciple Thomas.

Neither The Gospel of Thomas nor The Infancy Gospel of Thomas hold any credibility among scholars. They have been shown to be heretical, spurious and fraudulent.

This brings us to a true Gospel, the Gospel of Luke. Verse 40 of Luke 2 offers three simple points about Jesus’ early childhood:

1. He lived a normal childhood life, growing physically and developing cognitively.

2. He learned the early lessons children learn.

3. He matured in His spiritual relationship with His Heavenly Father.

I contend these statements show Jesus exercising specific RIGHTS God has given for every child He creates:

1. The Right to Life.

2. The Right to Learn.

3. The Right to Know God.

RIGHTS = a moral or legal entitlement to have or obtain something or to act in a certain way.

Luke writes that …the child (Jesus) grew and became strong…. In other words, Jesus lived His life.

Scripture is filled with revelation that LIFE is no accident but superintended by God. Psalm 139:13-16.

TRUTH POINT: We can say that the Bible is not true and what it says about life is false. What we cannot say is we believe The Bible to be God’s Word, inerrant, infallible, authoritative, then declare it is a women’s right to end her pregnancy.

TRUTH POINT: Life conceived has a Divine inalienable right to live. The only ONE who has the right to govern over that life, as to if it sustains or not, is God Himself.

Jesus was conceived, He was born, and we see that He actively LIVED the LIFE that was given to Him. A life given by God.

Luke writes that Jesus became …filled with wisdom….

DEFINED: Wisdom is the ability to take truth and make decisions and/or take actions that are in keeping Divine instruction.

How did Jesus develop His wisdom?… don’t point to the fact that Jesus is God and therefore it was automatic for Him. Scripture says Jesus laid aside the independent use of His rights as Divinity, to become human.

He had to learn how to crawl, walk and talk, feed Himself, go potty, and interact with others, just like every other human does.

TRUTH POINT: In Heaven, as The Second Person of Trinity, He was Omniscient (all knowing) -- however, as Jesus in human flesh, He had to LEARN everything that you and I have to learn.

Does a child have the RIGHT to learn? Is it God’s will that children be taught, mentored, developed, or is it OK with Him that children be left in a state of ignorance? Proverbs 22:6

Clearly a command to invest knowledge in children is given by God’s decree, but whose responsibility is it?

TRUTH POINT: God has designed the relationship of Father and Mother to be the teachers, the investors, the developers of the children God gives them.

Others may come along side… school, church, grandparents, community members, but the RIGHT God has granted each Child to LEARN, the responsibility of that RIGHT is laid upon the parents.

Luke writes that Jesus had …the favor of God upon Him. That is to say Jesus grew to know God The Father in a human way, and His relationship with The Father prospered and matured.

Again, let us not yield to the temptation to think that because Jesus is Divine His knowledge of God was automatic… He laid that knowledge aside when He became human.

TRUTH POINT: Unlike any other child, Jesus was sinless, but like any other child He had to be introduced to The Father, taught about The Father, and exercise a relationship with The Father.

The right of children (anyone) to know God is demonstrated two ways…

1. Creation

2. Revelation of The Word of God

Romans 1:18-32 speaks about the testimony Creation makes to all mankind of God’s person and power. God decreed that the things existing around us… sun, moon, stars, sky, trees, animals, other people, would speak to us about Him.

Even more than Creation is The Word of God.

God’s written revelation takes us to a depth of knowledge of Himself that creation cannot do. 2 Timothy 3:16 Creation and The Bible give evidence that God’s will is that humanity know Him, even from childhood.

Catch this… just because it is a RIGHT to know God, in no way means that it’s easy or automatic. There are many obstacles that work to diminish, if not outright take away, a child’s rights to know God.

* Satan’s work in the world to counterfeit the knowledge of God.

* Our own sin nature that desires self-knowledge over knowledge of God

Praise God… all is not lost! God chose to come into the world in human form, to bring real-time, fleshly revelation of Himself to us. Colossians 1:15,19

* As a child, Jesus lived the life The Father granted Him.

* He learned all the things children must learn to become productive adults in the world.

* Jesus communed with His Heavenly Father, growing in faith and ability to walk with Him, step for step as The Father intended.

Were these realities reserved for Jesus alone or are they The Father’s Will for all children? If they represent The Father’s will, what role do we play in advancing His will?

* Is it not our role to fight for LIFE for every child?

* Is it not our role to fight for LEARNING for every child?

* Is it not our role to work toward every child having the opportunity to KNOW God