The Sanctity of Life

January 28, 2018


January 28, 2018

Mike Rose
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 We hit the pause button on The Mission Church Series, for one Sunday, so we can acknowledge and re-commit ourselves to The Sanctity of Life.

On January 22, 1973 The Supreme Court declared that it a constitutional right for women to choose to end the life of a baby that was developing in her womb. Since that ruling a dividing line has existed in our culture separating people into the Pro-Life vs Pro-Choice camps.

Pro-Life stating that Human Life begins at conception, thus possessing its own individual right to life. Pro-Choice advocates state one of two positions:

1.     That from conception, to a certain point of development, the fetus is not a human being, but simply bodily tissue and thus can be removed from the mother’s body in the same way tumorous tissue can be removed.

2.     That even if a fetus is human from the point of conception, until it is born, the mother has the right over her own body to decide if she will host her unborn child to full development or will reject it by removing it from her body,  letting it die.

Today I proclaim that Life Is Beautiful, that it is given by God, and He alone has the right to determine when life begins, when it ends, and the dignity and sacredness of it in between.

Scripture Reading: John 10:10, ESV


The statement Jesus made in John 10:10, is NOT directly applicable to the issue of The Sanctity Of Life. Rather its direct application revolves around the issue of “TRUE” verses “FALSE” Spiritual Shepherds or the nature of the True Messiah (Savior).

VS6: the people did not get His meaning, so He makes His point clear…

·         VS7…   I, Jesus am the “door” for the sheep.

·         VS8…  All who came before Me, announcing the way to             salvation apart from Me, they are thieves and robbers.

·         VS9…  Only those who come through Me will find salvation                     and enjoy the good blessings of The Father.


Jesus contrasts the way that leads to Spiritual LIFE verses the way that leads to Spiritual DEATH. Jesus and His Gospel represents LIFE, Eternal Life and any other means or methods that claim to bring LIFE, are the work of “The Thief” which steals, kills and destroys.

Who Is The Thief

In direct context Jesus is referring to the religious leaders of Israel who are offering a LAW - Works Based method to salvation.

The Ultimate Thief… Liar… Deceiver… is SATAN.     John 8:42-44

What does this have to do with Sanctity of Life?

Although it does not have a direct application, there remains, an      indirect application in that whether we talk about physical life or spiritual life, there are opposing sides representing diametrically opposite outcomes to the choices we make in life.

JESUS brings LIFE, both Eternal and true living in the midst of our physical life. SATAN, the Liar, Thief and Murder, whose end goal is to enslave man and destroy life now and in eternity, is the champion of DEATH.

JESUS = LIFE                 SATAN = DEATH

What’s The Point

The point I’m pushing has to do with what - who is behind the issues we face when it comes to “Life” verses “Choice.

·        Is it a personal rights issue?

·        Is it a social – cultural issue?

·        Is it political issue?

Satan says YES!  He says yes because he’s about deceiving mankind.

The biggest advocate of CHOICE than Satan Himself.


Choice is the path he offered Eve as he tempted her with the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil?  Fact is, everything Satan said to Eve was the precursor of…

·         Stealing her innocence,

·         Killing her relationship with God,

·         Destroying her eternal life.

Proverbs 14:12:  Since “the fall” this same temptation and outcome has laid waste to humanity in many of life’s important choices.

Take Sex for example: wonderful and beautiful, but only in the context for which it was created… Marriage. When practiced outside of marriage, it can bring people to a crisis point that leaves them seeking a way out.

God says confess your sin, turn to The Cross, find grace and mercy and walk with Me in the pathway of LIFE.

Satan says cover it up. There are ways to deal with this crisis, no one has to get hurt, and you can maintain your freedom.  It seems right, but it only leads to DEATH.

The cover upthe quick fixthe abortion does NOT lead to a happy place but a one of guilt, shame, regret and for some, lifelong physical complications that steal, kill and destroy the peace they so desire.

To address the problem, we must take it to the source and it begins by shining light on the source of LIFE… JESUS.

His church must represent Him, The Gospel and His Kingdom well. We must help people see that when they blow it in one area of life, the answer isn’t covering it up, but bringing it before the Cross of Christ where there is Mercy and Grace to help in time of need.

There is no sin, that the blood of Jesus Christ cannot cleanse, no transgression so destructive that Christ cannot restore… Even Abortion! 2 Corinthians 5:21


So What


·         Know that your parents, your church, your pastor loves you.

·         We know there’s extreme pressure to become sexually active before marriage. That’s not God’s best. Wait!  You won’t regret it.

·         If you don’t and conceive a child, don’t buy Satan’s lie to cover it up. Don’t let him deceive you into thinking that your pastor, church and parents will disown you and cast you aside.

·         We will be broken hearted, but our greatest desire is to see you walk in life, not death. The only way that can happen is to bring all things, the good and bad, and lay them at the feet of Jesus.


·         Is there an abortion in your past? 

·         Don’t let Satan shame you to suffer alone, hiding in the dark. 

·         Yes it was wrong. Yes it is sin. But when we bring our sins, no matter what they are to the Cross of Christ, His blood covers our sins and cleanses us so that we become righteous.  

Are you personally untouched by Abortion?  Perhaps you can become a resources in God’s hands to help others who are.

·         Volunteer for a LIFE ADVOCACY = Personhood Iowa.

·         Help ministries like Restored By Grace, give help and support to women who have suffered abortion in their past.

·         Give assistance to ministries like Agape Pregnancy Center who help women who are with child to make it through their pregnancy and give birth despite difficult circumstances.

Maybe your next step is education. Perhaps this spring and/or summer you could give six weeks to take one of two classes being offered by Personhood Iowa:

·         Making LIFE Disciples

·         Life Is Best

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