The Resurrection - So What?

April 21, 2019


April 21, 2019

Mike Rose
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If someone said to you; The Resurrection, So What? would you be able to help them understand the “So What”?

Today’s text is 1 Corinthians 15:1-26 Follow along as I answer the “So What” of The Resurrection.

If you have a “structure” that can only stand if it has three supports, all three supports must be in place for the structure to stand.

The Apostle Paul makes it very clear… The Gospel that He received from The Lord Jesus Christ, that He is preaching to anyone who will listen, is supported by 3 “happenings” that took place in space and time.

1. Jesus died for our sins.

2. Jesus was buried.

3. Jesus rose from the dead on the 3rd day.

Which one is more important than the other, which one can be left out? NONE! All three are part of God’s plan to redeem fallen man and if even one missing, the redemptive plan could not work.

Brief Context: This passage is here because there were “religious leaders” who were telling the Corinthian believers that there would be no resurrection after death.

Paul laysout an increasing devastation of negative realities if the resurrection isn’t true.

1. VS13:the dead.

2. VS14:

3. VS15:.

4. VS17-18:still in your sin’s.

5. VS19:.

The resurrection of Jesus is not a fairy-tale myth, but based in historic fact. The audience Paul writes to had access to first hand, eye witnesses.

VS 5-8: He references over 517 witnesses, many of which were still alive when Paul wrote this letter, and that sets the reality of The Resurrection of Jesus on a solid foundation.

1. VS20: Him.

Scripture talks about the ingathering of all the redeemed as a “harvest” of souls and that plays into Paul’s analogy of “first-fruits.” It’s a “harvesting” term that represents the first and arguably the best that comes from a crop. Jesus is the first one to rise from the dead, never to die again.

Note This: the fact that Jesus is referred to as the “first-fruits” indicates there is more fruit to come. There will be many who will rise again in the likeness of Jesus’ resurrection.

2. VS21-22: .

A person’s present spiritual condition and future outcome of life are determined by which “Adam” they are identified with.

1st Adam is the one we read about in Genesis 1-3. He fell from his place of innocence and became a sinner with eternal condemnation as his future. Since the entire human race comes from Adam, we all received his nature and the condemnation that comes from it.

Jesus is identified in Scripture as the 2nd Adam. Through His cross and resurrection He secured new spiritual life in the present and eternal life with God as the future.

All who turn from the old life, represented by 1st Adam, embracing by faith the saving work of the 2nd Adam, are cut off from identification with the 1st and identified with the 2nd… JESUS

Because Jesus was raised from the dead, a reversal of the sin curse is in play for those who receive Jesus as their Savior and Lord.

3. VS24-25:

The resurrection of Jesus Christ put the death nail in the coffin of Satan, Sin and Spiritual Death for those receiving God’s grace, through faith, in Him. Mark it down, Satan is already defeated.

Colossians 2:11-15

4. VS26: .

As Jesus brings the restoration of His Kingdom to a conclusion, death will experience its own death and will be experienced no more.

Praise God for the Resurrection of Jesus!


On this resurrection Sunday I nvite you to place your faith in Jesus by turning from the old life you were born into and receiving the New, Eternal Life of Jesus Christ.

You ask: Pastor Mike, what must I do to be saved?

You must confess… to God that you are who He says you are, a sinner who is fallen short of His perfection.

You must turn… from any thought that you can fix this on your own, that you can make things right with Him by your good works.

You must trust… trust that what Jesus accomplished on The Cross and by His Resurrection is all you need to be made a son or daughter of God

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