The Genealogy of Jesus

February 17, 2019


February 17, 2019

Mike Rose
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1. Land Allotment: genealogy what part of the “Promised Land” was yours. The land was divided among the 12 tribes.

2. Inheritance: was enforced through the genealogical record.

3. Kinsman Redemption: if a poor person had to sell land or possessions, the nearest of kin was entitled to first dibs. The Old Testament book of Ruth is all about this.

4. Taxation: was based on ancestry. It’s why Joseph and Mary had to go to Bethlehem, Luke 2:4.

5. Priesthood: only men descending from Levi could serve as priest.

6. Kingship - Messiahship: any claim here had to be backed up by proof that you came from the line of David.

TRUTH POINT: Jewish genealogy is NOT an unimportant, boring list of “begets”, but a crucial part of Divine Revelation proving Jesus is a descendant of King David, defending His right to claim Messiahship and Kingship

Neither list is exhaustive, but they are extensive and accurate.

Matthew: records Joseph’s genealogy.

Luke: records Mary’s. Why is Josephs’ name given and Mary’s missing in VS23. Look close, Joseph is NOT listed as Jesus’ father, but says …being the son (as was supposed) of Joseph…

Why isn’t Mary’s name listed? In that culture and time it was not accepted to include the mother’s name. The acceptable perspective was father-to-son, NOT mother-to-son. Furthermore, when a daughter was married off, it was customary for her father to adopt the groom as a son, especially if there were no sons in the family.

Joseph’s name appears, NOT to record him as Jesus’ father, but to say:

* …he was Mary’s husband,

* …he was the son-in-law of Heli, Mary’s father,

* …and that Joseph’s paternity of Jesus was the “hearsay” of the community, not the reality.

Matthew: goes from past to present, beginning with Abraham.

Luke: goes from present to past, beginning with Jesus, ending with Adam, then God.

Matthew: traces the ancestry through Joseph back to David & Bathsheba’s 1st living son, Solomon.

Luke: traces the ancestry of Mary back to David and Bathsheba’s 2nd living son Nathan.

TRUTH POINT: Jesus’ ancestry was so airtight that not even his biggest critics, Jewish Religious Leaders, could poke a hole in it.

If they could have, Jesus’ claim to Messiahship would have been easily and summarily dismissed and He would have been totally discredited. Instead, the crowds cried out… Hosanna to the son of David. Matthew 21:9

Jesus is a direct decedent of David and thus eligible to make a claim on Kingship as well as Messiahship.

1. Son of God. In this context the designation is tied directly to Adam, but it also applies to Jesus.

Adam was the “son of God” in that God created him and breathed the breath of life into him. Jesus is known also as “The Son of God”, but an greater name marks Jesus exclusively... “God, the Son.” Philippians 2:6

Jesus has always been God, The Son. But in His incarnation, conceived in Mary by God, The Spirit, He also became The Son of God in human form. Colossians 2:9

TRUTH POINT: Jesus is God, The Son, who became The Son of God.

2. Son of Adam. This is to say Jesus became a man and as such faced all of the joys and trials humanity brings. Hebrews 4:15

TRUTH POINT: In Jesus the Creator and Creation collide, becoming one together eternally. The God-Man, Jesus The Christ.

3. Son of Abraham. Jesus’ tie with Abraham comes in the fulfilment of a promise God made when He first called Abram to leave paganism to become a follower of the One True God. Genesis 12:1-3; Galatians 3:16

TRUTH POINT: Jesus is the offspring of Abraham who brings blessing to all the inhabitants of earth. Through Him the potential of release from sin’s curse and the gift of eternal life, becomes reality.

4. Son of David. God made a promise to David that his throne would be established forever through one of his sons. The Davidic covenant. 2 Chronicles 17:11-14

TRUTH POINT: Being a descendant of David gives Jesus legal right to be the Forever King that God makes reference to in the Davidic covenant.

Jesus’ genealogy, traced through His mother Mary, proves beyond any doubt that He is the Messiah promised to Eve in Genesis 3:15.

* God, The Son, became The Son of God through the supernatural work of God’ The Spirit. Jesus is the 2nd Adam who did what the first did not do, remain sinless.

* As son of Adam, he received the fullness of humanity, everything except Adam’s sin nature, becaming one of us so He could represent us in His salvific work before The Father.

* As son of Abraham, He became the fulfillment of “blessing”, making Mercy & Grace available to all the peoples of earth.

* As son of David, He is entitled to be enthroned as King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Remember: Luke wanted Theophilus to know that what he was being taught about Jesus was real and true and he could have confidence because God was at work in time and space.

Jesus meets all of the qualifications to be The Messiah-King:

* To bear our sins in His body on the cross.

* To rise from the dead with new, eternal life for those who trust in Him.

* To establish His Kingdom which will have no end.