The Dead are Raised to Life

August 18, 2019


August 18, 2019

Mike Rose
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Scripture reading: Luke 7:11-17

Context – VS 11-12

The village of Nain was small like Nazareth. Only acouple hundred people. The village still exists today. Located about 20 milessouthwest of Capernaum (Jesus’ministry home base) and 6 miles southeast of Nazareth (Jesus’hometown).  

As Jesus approached the village gate, He crossedpaths with a funeral procession. A widow woman had lost her only son and alongwith others from the village was on the way to lay his body to rest.

Note: In those days it was customary for a person’s bodywas buried or cremated with 24 hours of their death. Contact with a dead bodycaused one to become ceremoniallyunclean, and it was an ordeal to regain your ceremonial cleanness. Quickdisposal of the remains was an urgent priority.

Chance Meeting / DivinelyArranged VS12

Question: How is it that Jesus happened to be at theGate of Nain at the exact minute the burial procession is coming out? A fewhours earlier or later would mean the man might still be living or he mightalready be buried. What are theodds that Jesus, traveling 20 miles on foot, wouldarrive at just the right moment to encounter this situation?

Truth Point #1: Oddshave nothing to do with it. God and His Son do NOT operate on chance but on predeterminedpurpose.

Isaiah 46:9-10; 55:11; John 4:3-42; Luke 9:51

This is no small issue because we either think ofGod as:

·        …responding to things as they happen - (reactionary).

·        …carrying out His purposes based on His Sovereign Omniscient Plan – (intentional).  

·        One leaves us wondering if “good-luck” will shine on us with God finding His way tous in our time of need…

·        The other gives us confidence that nothing takes God by surprise! He’salready seen the circumstance we face and is working in the background, attimes in the foreground, to accomplish His purpose for Hisgloryand our benefit.  

Jesus’ presence at the gate of Nain was NOT a matterof “good-fortune” for this Mother and Son but a DivinelyArranged Appoint to accomplish theintentional plan of God.

Gripped By Compassion – VS13

Though foreordained by The Father, we should notthink of this meeting as being a cold,calculated, action. We find that whenJesus saw the gut-wrenching grief of this mother, Hewas filled with compassion.

More than feeling sorry or bad for someone’s pain,“compassion” here conveys the idea of one’s inner organs being disrupted… seton edge.

Have you ever been so emotionally gripped that your stomach, intestinesand liver felt like they were beingturned inside-out? It’s called a Visceral Reaction. Not seated in our intellect, it by-passesthe intellect, going right to the gut. This is what Dr. Luke says Jesus wasexperiencing.

Truth Point #2: Although Jesus is fully God, He is also fully Manwho in His sinless perfection can feel the pain of our lives at a deeper level than we can even experience.Isaiah 53:3

Yahweh is compassionate! Psalm 103:8, NSAB

Arise! – VS14-15

Question: What are you looking forward to when your life onearth is finished and you enter eternity with God? ... assuming that youdo.

I want to explore the mysteries that surround the Incarnation… The Divine Son of God, clothing Himself inhumanity becoming the Divine/Human… 100%God – 100% Man.  Philippians 2:6-7, NLT

Unbeknownst to the grieving mother the Onecomforting her was GodAlmighty, Creator, clothed in human flesh. Using 7words He did what no human can do, noteven the Angels can do it. He will push death aside and restore life to a bodyvoid of life.  

Young man, I say to you, arise.

15 And the dead mansat up and began to speak,

and Jesus gave him to hismother.

Isn’t that AMAZING! – John 10:10

Truth Point #3: The reuniting of this man’s soul/spirit to hislifeless body, demonstrates Jesus’ authority over life and death and His power torestore life in the face death.

Shock & Awe – VS16-17

Consider this… how you would react at a funeral service if a manwalked up to the casket, commanded the corps to rise, and the person sat up andbegan to speak?

The English Standard Version got it right… Fear seized them all…! It’s like the “visceralreaction” I spoke about earlier.

In a matter of moments, fear gave way to amazement,giving way to worship as they exclaimed…

·        A great prophet has arisen among us!

·        God has visited His people!

Truly God was visiting His people. He was standingthere in front of them. Unfortunately they didn’t understand that.

The crowds only saw Jesus as a Prophet, like Elijah,Elisha, Isaiah or Jeremiah. They were not suggesting thatJesus was God in flesh, but that God had blessed them with this “new” greatprophet.

Truth Point #4: Jesus is no prophet; He is Yahweh come in flesh.

·        Jesus is the Creator and Sustainer of all creation

·        The Author of life

·        The Judge of all humanity

·        The Redeemer of the repentant

·        He is the only begotten Son, given for the salvation of all whowill believe and receive Him as Savior and Lord    


Wrap Up