The Biblical Mandate

June 30, 2019


June 30, 2019

Mike Rose
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Big Idea: Every Disciple of Jesus is called by Him to join

in His glorious,global, life transforming mission.

In The Beginning - Genesis1:27-28

From the very start God shows that His plan formankind is GLOBAL.

God wanted Adam to see beyond himself. To see a world that is to be brought under the loving rule and reign of its Creator.

The intended result would be God’s Glory reflected to all things and all things seeing and reflecting the Glory of God. This is what Adam was created todo, but something got in the way… humansin!

With the introduction of sin into the human race, God’s plan takes on a new dimension. It will revolve around His personal work of redeeming a people for Himself from the massesof fallen humanity.

In Eden God pulls back the curtain for Adam, Eve,and Satan to show what He willbring to pass. Genesis 3:15 The “seed-offspring” of the woman references TheMessiah. The striking of heel and head refers to TheMessiah’s work through the cross and resurrection.

Question: What becomes of the global scope and of man’sparticipation in the plan? Do those still hold?

After The Flood – Genesis 9:1

Man filled the earth with people whose thoughts andactions were continually wicked. God’s judgement left only 8 people torepopulate.  

When those 8 people exited the Arc, God charged Noahwith the same globalplan He had given to Adam. Genesis 9:1

·        His Glory remained Histop priority.

·        Its global scopecontinued.

·        Man remained theinstrument to advance God’s plan.

New Light on an Old Prophesy –Genesis 12:1-3

350 years after the flood, God touched the life of apagan man named Abram. He was to be theprogenitor of anew people and therecipient of newrevelation. The Messiah promised in Eden would comethrough him and the new people group he would father.  

The new people group are The Jews and the wholeearth is blessed in that The Messiah came through that bloodline.

Take note that God’s plan…

·        …remains Global

·        …focused on redemption…

·        …committed to use people to advancethe plan.

Clarity through a song - Psalm67

Approximately 490 years after Abraham’s call, camean Israelite named David. God gave greater insights into His plan to have His Glory known throughout the earth, by means of His saving power.

Through David, God continued communicating His planfor the world.

·        His Glory will beseen…

·        …on a global scale,

·        …focused on Hissaving power.

·        He will use Hispeople to make known His name, fame, and plan.

Messiah Arrives,  Plan made Crystal Clear

490 years pass until TheMessiah would change the course ofhistory. His name is Jesus. He was like no other man.

·        Divinely conceived.

·        Birthed through a virgin girl.

·        His life was lived in PERFECT harmony with God The Father.

·        He taught God’s Word with authority and power..

·        He performed miracles, raising people from the dead!

·        He willingly accepted false accusation, torture and a cross, where Satanstruck His heel and Jesus crushed his head.

·        Three days His body was in a borrowed tomb, but on that third day He rosefrom the dead with forgiveness of sin in one hand and eternallife in the other.

Having spoken every word and performing every actordained by The Father, He gathered His disciples and with 3 sentences removedall ambiguity surrounding The Father’s plan  Matthew28:16-20

In this Crystal Clear Commission we find the Divineplan remains unchanged…

·        His Glory remains preeminent.

·        The Scope remains Global.

·        The Focus is the redemption of lost souls.

·        The means of accomplishment is through His people.

Within days of this clear and compelling commission,Jesus ascended back Heaven, but before He ascended, He restated the commission,to ensure clarity among His disciples. Acts1:8

Having tracked God’s plan from Genesis to Acts, wefind that His plan is a MANDATE.  What is aMANDATE?

·        Command to do…

·        Authority to act…

·        Resources to achieve a given task.

The Commission is clear, the Authority is given, the Resources are committed.

The Age of Disciple-Making

The world is now in a time period when the Disciple-Making Plan of God is in fullforce. According to Scripture it willremain in full force until Jesus Comes in Power and Glory to establish is Millennial Kingdom.

The Apostle Paul sums up the ongoing Mandate in his letter to the Corinthian Church.  2 Corinthians5:14-21

·        His Glory

·        On a Global Scale

·        Through the redemption of lost souls

·        Accomplished through His redeemed people.

The Mandate Fulfilled –Revelation 5:9-10; 7:9-10

Summaryof what we’ve encountered today.

·        …the origin of the mandate

·        …the progressive unfolding of the mandate

·        …the Divine work making the mandate possible.

·        …the commission of Jesus’ disciples to engage the mandate on behalf ofChrist, for the Glory of God.

Let’s look at the Mandate fulfilled. The Spirit ofGod used the ApostleJohn to record what has yet to happen in our physical realmbut is already accomplished in the Spiritual realm. We see the redeemed ofChrist standing in the fullness of their redemption in the Personal Presence ofGod.  Revelation5:9-10; 7:9-10

·        God’s Glory is on display for all to see. Worship poursout.

·        It is the result of the global redemption of sinners who have been made intothe righteousness of Christ Jesus.

·        The Gospel was spread throughout the earth by disciples of Christ fulfilling the mandateof making disciples of all nations.

This is the thread running from Genesis toRevelation… if you’ve been bornagain you are part of that thread, avital part of God’s plan.


Are you willing and available to be used by Christ to make disciples to fulfillHis plan for the world?      

Never forget this is why He saved you.