Spiritual Blessings in Christ - Chosen

May 21, 2017


May 21, 2017

Mike Rose
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Scripture Reading – Ephesians 1:3-14, ESV

In the Greek Manuscript, these verses constitute one long sentence.

Who & What

The blessings identified and Person of The Godhead associated with those blessings.

VS’ 3-6a focus on God The Father and identify 3 primary blessings.

1.     Choosing us before creation: VS4

2.     Making us Holy & Blameless: VS4

3.     Adopting us into His family: VS5


VS’ 6b-12 focus on God The Son and give us 3 additional blessings.

1.     Redemption from Satan’s Kingdom. VS7

2.     Forgiveness of Sins. VS7

3.     Inheritance in the riches of God VS11

VS’ 13-14 focus on God The Spirit and give us 2 more blessings.

1.     Relational security. VS13

2.     Guarantee to receive all God promised. VS14



Bless God

English translations tend to obscure what Paul is actually saying here. It seems he’s making a point of fact, i.e. God is blessed. But this is NOT a statement of fact, but rather a call to action.

Paul calls upon the saints to actively and intentionally worship God because He …has blessed us in Christ with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places….


All Spiritual Blessings

Take note of the WHY and WHERE of our Spiritual Blessings.

WHY?  Because we are IN Christ.  The blessings identified are given exclusively to those JOINED to Him in salvation.


·         If I am IN CHRIST my condition is blessed.

·         If I am outside of CHIRST my condition is condemnation. 

·         Romans 8:1

WHERE? These spiritual blessings are found in the heavenly places. Ephesians 1:20; 2:4-6.

Christians have a dual reality:

·         we live in fleshly bodies on earth – that is our physical reality.

·         IN Christ: we are where He is and that means we are seated with Him in that place of honor, next to The Father – that is our spiritual reality.

The Spiritual blessings we enjoy are ours because, we like Christ, dwell in heavenly places.

Blessed by God’s Election

4 even as he (The Father) chose us in him (The Son) before the foundation of the world,….

Divine Election: has to do with God’s purposeful, intentional and active will to save a people, from every nation, tribe, and tongue from Sin’s condemnation.

God did not sit back waiting and hoping that sinners would come to Him, but He set a plan into motion, not only determining that He would save sinners, or how He would save sinners, but He set His sights on sinners specifically to pursue them in love to redemption.


From Paul’s letter, the Ephesian believers would understand that they did not become Christ followers because they set their sight on God to pursue Him. John 15:16; Romans 3:10.

They became Christ followers because God set His sight on them,  determining to provide a way for their salvation and pursuing them to ensure they got on the right path to be saved. Ephesians 1:4.

Paul reveals this determination took place …before the foundation of the world…. Paul says before God …created the heavens and the earth…, (Genesis 1:1) He chose the Ephesian believers, determining that He would make them His own.

This is both thrilling and mysterious. Since it took place before God created, it took place before man existed, meaning it took place before Adam sinned.

·         That means God’s redemptive plan is not an afterthought to answer the dilemma of Adam’s failure.

·         Adam’s failure was seen by God’s omniscient mind in advance and He determined that sin would not have the last word.

·         Since God’s choosing took place before human sin existed, it means God’s choice to save a sinner is not based on anything of merit from the sinner. Instead, it is based solely in His divine, sovereign LOVE.

·         Since our salvation is determined IN CHRIST before we existed, it means that our salvation is secure because God is not expecting us to hold on to Him, but He holds on to us. John 10:27-30  

·         The blessing of being Chosen is the fact that we are safe and secure in the hand of God.

What is the purpose of God’s choosing sinners for salvation?

·         Holy = positive – set apart from the world, separate, different.

·         Blameless = negativefree from blemish.


·         Position = In Christ

·         Condition = Holy & Blameless

Wrap Up

I am blessed because I can say, on the authority of God’s Word, that God loves you and He has commissioned me to invite you to turn in faith to His Son, Jesus.

To be joined to Christ and thus become holy and blameless before God. Scripture says: …whosoever will may come… to Jesus.         Joel 2:32; Roman 10:13

The Gospel is not exclusive to any gender, age group, race, ethnicity or language group. In fact, it is God’s purpose to redeem a special people for Himself from every nation, tribe and tongue and all who hear His call, and respond in faith, will be received with arms wide open.

I invite you to turn in faith to Jesus today!