Review. Renew. Engage.

January 5, 2020


January 5, 2020

Mike Rose
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Truth Point #1: When you have a specific destination to reach, it’s imperative to regularly check your position, because being off course, even a few degrees, ensures that you will NOT reach your destination.  

This is why each New Year we:

Review why we are here… our purpose.

Renew our commitment to that purpose.

Prepare ourselves to Engage our purpose for the glory of God and the benefit of our fellow man.


Two passages of Scripture define our purpose: Matthew: 22:34-40 and 28:18-20. These passages are known as The Great Commandment and The Great Commission. They define the MISSION that’s been given to TMC.


Love God,  by  loving others, leading them to become fully functioning followers of Christ Jesus.

It begins with a loving focus on God…

Extends to a loving focus on those He created…

Concludes with helping them become fully functioning followers of Christ.

DEFINTION: fully, functioning follower of Christ.

Following Jesus

Being Transformed by Jesus

Joining Jesus in His Mission.

From our MISSION comes our VISION.  


Establishing a growing body of believers in Urbandale Iowa, who embrace and live out the gospel of Jesus Christ, to the end of making healthy, maturing followers of Jesus across generational, gender and racial lines.

Truth Point #2: The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the CENTER of who we are and what we’re about.


The Gospel is the only life-transforming reality we have for the people of our community. If they are looking for something else, we don’t have it.

I was taught that: What you win people with is what you have to keep them with.  If you win them with The Gospel of Jesus Christ…

…that beautiful truth that through Jesus Christ, God has made a way for sins to be forgiven, adoption into His family and eternal life with Him…  

…then The Gospel is all you have to give them to keep them growing and reaching others with The Gospel.

When The Mission Church was established we committed that we would NOT chase fads, trends nor seek to develop niche groups that keep people siloed in demographic groupings, but would seek to bring the generations, genders (2) and the races together to be…  

ONE Body as God intends…  

…working together for ONE COMMON GOAL…

ENGAGING the Mission of loving God, by loving others, helping them become fully functioning followers of Jesus.

Today we REVIEW Our Mission & Vision for 2 reasons:

To remind ourselves, as we begin a new year, why we are here.

To ask ourselves the question; how are we doing in our Mission and Vision?

The tendency among churches is to utilize the matrix of buildings, bucks and butts to determine how they are doing.

How big and stylish are the buildings

How many bucks are in the offering plate

How many butts are in the seats weekly

The matrix we use is a bit different;  Are disciples being made?

are new people following Jesus

are they being transformed by Jesus  

are they joining Jesus in His mission?

It matters not if building is big, if our bank account is full, or if our seating capacity is full… If we have NO disciples to speak, of we are NOT succeeding but failing  


Truth Point #3: It takes each of us working together, according to the giftedness that the Holy Spirit gives, to advance the MISSION and VISION. 1 Corinthians 12.

When we UNITE in our common relationship with Christ, and each one operates within their giftedness, we progress in the MISSION and VISION.

Today, January 5th, 2020, I invite you to join me in a RENEWAL of commitment to the MISISON and VISION that is the foundation upon which The Mission Church is being built.  Will you join me?


If you receive an email from me you’ll find the statement below as part of my signature block.  

Direction NOT Intention Determines Destination

The meaning is simple; you can INTEND to go to Des Moines, but if you go west on I-80 you won’t get there. Intention is not enough, to get there you must intentionally place yourself in the direction of Des Moines and Engage movement.

Truth Point #4: Intending to engage in Disciple-Making ministry will never make a single disciple. We must ENGAGE ourselves in the process for the end result to materialize.  

Disciple-making is the process of intentionally entering  

into relationships that help people  

follow Jesus, be transformed by Jesus, and    

join Jesus in His mission.

We have created training opportunities to help you discover HOW you can be part of Jesus’ disciple making ministry

Coming in 2020 we have the following opportunities to help you engage.

How to Parent – disciple your family.

How to Evangelize – coming in March.

How to Disciple – coming in May.

How to discover my Spiritual gift – available anytime by sending Pastor Mike an email requesting help to discover your gifts.  

Will you RENEW or commit for the first time to our MISSION AND VISION?  

By God’s grace, will you ENGAGE this year in the intentional process of entering into a  relationship to help someone become a fully functioning follower of Christ Jesus?

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