Review, Renew, Engage

January 6, 2019


January 6, 2019

Mike Rose
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Mission Creep

…impacts organizations, both religious and secular, and can affect individuals as well.

Definition: When organizations or individuals allow themselves to become distracted from their stated purpose, to pursue goals outside the purpose.

Mission Creep is pervasive in our culture because it’s pervasive in humanity. We tend to get bored if things aren’t changing up regularly. The tendency is to drift from our purpose to embrace new, more exciting endeavors.

This is why the leadership of The Mission Church established an annual REVIEW of our mission with a subsequent call to the body to RENEW its commitment to the mission. Ours is NOT a mission devised by men, but one given to us by God. His mission has not changed for over 2,000 years.

Mission Creep is always with us, but it is not destined to prevail. There is a way to stay on point and its summed up in 3 words:

Review - Renew - Engage

Our MISSION is derived from two passages of Scripture, spoken by Our Lord Jesus: Matthew 22:34-40; 28:18-20


Love God, by loving others, leading them to become fully functioning followers of Christ Jesus.

Our Mission:

Begins with a loving focus on God…

Extends to a loving focus on those He created…

Concludes with helping them become fully functioning followers of Christ.

DEFINTION: fully, functioning follower of Christ

One who has repented of sin, turning in faith to Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, daily seeking to be led by The Holy Spirit.

Our Mission can be summed up with two words:

Evangelizing – Discipling

Taking the gospel to friends, family, neighbors and associates, helping those who receive it to grow increasingly like Christ Jesus.

VISION is about where you see yourself going. It’s not what you are or where you are right now, but where you see yourself in the next 3, 5, 10 years.


Establishing a growing body of believers in Urbandale Iowa, that embrace and live out the gospel of Jesus Christ, to the end of making healthy, maturing followers of Jesus across generational, gender and racial lines.

Among the important things this VISION Statement says about us is that The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the CENTER of who we are and what we are about.

The Gospel is all we have to offer the people of our community. Since The Gospel is all we have to offer, The Gospel must be enough.

What you win people with is what you will have to keep them with.

If we win people with The Gospel of Jesus Christ, that beautiful truth that God in Christ gave His life to redeem us from the curse of sin and death, then The Gospel is all we have to give them to keep them moving together to reach others with The Gospel.

POINT OF FACT: When we established The Mission Church, the elders, deacons and I, committed that TMC would be a Gospel Ministry. We would NOT chase the fads and trends, nor develop all manner of niche groups that keep people siloed in demographic groupings.

Instead, we would seek to bring the generations, genders and races together to be ONE Body, working together for ONE COMMON GOAL…

…ENGAGING the mission of loving God, by loving others, helping them become fully functioning followers of Jesus.

Today we REVIEW Our Mission & Vision for 2 reasons:

1. To remind ourselves, as we begin a new year, about why we are here.

2. To ask ourselves the question, as we look back on 2018, …how are we doing in our Mission and Vision?

* We don’t look at offering amounts…

* We don’t look at attendance numbers…

* We don’t look at # of missionaries we support…

* We don’t look at how our community views us…

* We look to see if there are disciples of Jesus Christ coming through the pipeline, who are engaging the mission of making more disciples.


TRUTH POINT: Ministry is a family affair. God has placed His Spirit in every believer and The Spirit gives Spiritual Gifts, for ministry, to each believer.

God calls His children to attach themselves to other believers to pool their varied gifts, to accomplish His Purpose in and through the Church.

Today, January 6th 2019, I RENEW my commitment to the MISSION and VISION of TMC and I ask you to hold me accountable to it.

Will you RENEW with me?


Reviewing and Renewing ultimately rest on ENGAGING.

Direction NOT Intention Determines Destination

Intending to Love God, Love Others, helping them to know and grow in Jesus is great! But if you never engage gospel ministry, you’ll never get there.

I call on us to not only REVIEW and RENEW, but also to look down the road that will be 2019 and say by God’s Grace, I (WE) will ENGAGE the MISSION Jesus has given us.

As we do, we will see the VISION become reality!

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