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August 5, 2018


August 5, 2018

Mike Rose
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Because of The Gospel

Explanation of a 31 day guide designed to help you understand how The Gospel of Jesus Christ impacts your life for eternity and empowers you to live as a Kingdom citizen, HERE and NOW.

·         Available Sunday, August 19th.

·         Free of charge

·         Church-wide campaign, beginning September 1.

o    Each day you are encouraged to read the Scripture.

o    Read the application.

o    Ask God to guide your steps in bringing this truth alive in your daily life.

·         We will participate together in September, October, November and December. It is important to securely embed this in your mind and heart. Repetition will help you do that.

·         Each Sunday during these 4 months, the card that comes up for that day will be rehearsed by us as we gather for worship.

·         This will be done in place of a prescribe Bible reading plan during this time.  A new Bible reading plan will be published to begin the new year, 2019.


2 Questions:

·         What is the Gospel? 

·         What made the Gospel a reality?

What Is The Gospel?

In the Introduction of his book 30 Days of Gospel Living , Curt De Graaff defines the gospel thus: “…the gospel is the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ securing salvation for all who repent of their sins and trust in His atoning work.



What made the gospel a reality?  


Curt’s definition provides the answer for this question as well…


The Life – Death – Resurrection of Jesus

made The Gospel REAL!


Remember that “Passover” began the night God delivered Israel from slavery to Egypt, some 1,450 years earlier. Each family sacrificed an unblemished lamb painting its blood, on the doorpost of their homes. Those who did, the death angel “passed-over” their home. Those who did not, the death angel took the first born, both human and animal.  The Passover lamb was a picture of the Ultimate Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world.


This is going to be a unique “Passover” because on this night, Jesus is going to change its meaning.  No longer will the focus be on a sacrificial, wooly lamb, but it will be on Himself as God’s once-for-all-time LAMB who will forever deal with sin and it’s consequence, death.

It’s for sure that The Apostles did not fully comprehend all Jesus was saying. They wouldn’t grasp it till the coming of The Holy Spirit to open their spiritual understanding.

However, from history and the ministry of The Spirit we understand what Jesus was talking about. He was declaring the purpose of His coming to earth.

Jesus did many wonderful things during His earthly life, but the one single solitary purpose of His coming was to offer His body and blood as the atoning sacrifice for sin. Mark 10:45

As Jesus celebrated this Passover with the Apostles, He was only hours from fulfilling that ministry.  But He makes a statement in the midst of it all, that I want us to take note of today. After comparing broken bread to His body, and inviting the disciples to eat of it, He said: Do this in remembrance of Me. VS19  I believe its implied in VS20 that He likely repeated that phrase when He spoke of the cup also.


The Point: Jesus is indicating that the comparison of broken bread with His body, and wine in the cup to His blood that would be shed, was to become the perpetual symbol of His Salvific work as God’s Messiah.

The Bread and Cup of Communion is NOT a “religious ritual” to be done mindlessly and without thought. It is to be participated in with the fullest of sober consciousness of what it means and what we declare in consuming the elements.


What Does It Mean?:

Communion gives us a tangible illustration of the seriousness of sin and the lengths to which God was willing to go to deal with it.  Romans 6:23a; 5:8


What do we declare when we take communion?

ü  We declare our belief that Jesus Christ is God’s Son and that        He alone is the redeeming remedy for our sin.

o    Acts 4:12

ü  We declare that we have turned from our own personal sin nature and embraced Jesus as Savior.

o    Acts 3:19-20 -  Repent = Turn

ü  We declare that we are quick to repent when sin manifests itself in us, eager to keep ourselves in right relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

o    1 Corinthians 11:28-29

ü  We declare our faith in Jesus’ promise to return  for us and to take us to be with Him forevermore.

o    1 Corinthians 11:26

If these points of truth are not cemented in my soul, then I dare not take communion.

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