Preaching the Kingdom

March 24, 2019


March 24, 2019

Mike Rose
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NOTE: Today’s text is a continuation of the same Sabbath day we looked at last Sunday.

Jesus went to Simon/Peter’s house for a Sabbath afternoon meal. When He arrived, Jesus was confronted with a family crisis. Simon/Peter’s mother-in-law was ill with a GREAT FEVER.

Based on the display of Jesus power that morning, they asked if He could do something. Jesus responded by standing over the woman, rebuking the fever, and she was healed.

Rebuking the demon earlier in the day makes sense, since it had life and personhood. A fever has no personhood. Seems odd that Jesus would rebuke a non-person. However, we see Jesus doing this in Luke 8:24 when He rebuked the wind and waves and they became still.

Jesus demonstrated that His authority went beyond proclaiming truth, He possessed authority over demon spirits and bodily disease.

When the Sabbath was over, crowds gathered bringing family and friends who were sick. Jesus laid hands on them and they were healed. With some of the people Jesus discerned that the root of their problem was not a disease but the work of Satanic powers oppressing them.

He commanded the spirits to come out and they did. On this night, Jesus was engaged in a wholesale ministry of healing that was indiscriminate of merit or faith, only on Jesus’ power and willingness to heal.

6 characteristics of Jesus’ healing ministry.1

1. Jesus healed with a word, or a touch.

2. Jesus healed instantly.

3. Jesus healed totally.

4. Jesus healed everyone.

5. Jesus healed visible disease.

6. Jesus raised the dead.

When Jesus cast out demons, they would speak of Jesus’ identity as The Christ (Messiah) The Son of God. When they did this, Jesus would command their silence.

WHY? If demonic spirits were giving testimony to His identity why would He not want that?

Because… to have His identity affirmed by demons would create confusion about the source Jesus’ power.

That’s exactly what the Pharisee’s did. They accused Jesus of getting His miracle working power from Satan. Matthew 12:24; Mark 3:22

Jesus exposed the ridiculousness of “Satan casting out “Satan,” …a house divided against itself cannot stand. Matthew 12:25-27

Jesus demonstrated His authority over the spirit realm, freeing the oppressed and possessed of demonic spirits, and the physical realm, by healing people of all manner of disease and physical malady.

Jesus’ healing and deliverance ministry went deep into the night. At dawn He left the crowds behind to find a deserted, secluded place. He was physically spent. He needed time to rest and time to commune in prayer with The Father. Mark 1:36

Like a lost puppy who follows you everywhere because you feed it, the people came looking for Him. The people had found “magic in Jesus” and they weren’t about to let Him go.

Not everyone who embraces Jesus does so because they see their need of spiritual rescue and right standing with God. Some people see Jesus as their ticket to “the good life.”

One thing is sure, the desires of the people and those of Jesus were on opposite ends of the pole.

The people of Capernaum wanted to retain the miracle worker for themselves, Jesus was interested in taking the Good News of The Kingdom of God to other cities.

More than an “interest,” it was His MISSION. Jesus was “SENT” to announce, bring and model The Kingdom of God.

What is this Kingdom?

When people think of “kingdom” they typically think of a place, but the Kingdom of God is NOT a place as much as it is a time and/or a condition of being.

Think of it like this; a kingdom is the sphere in which a King exercises his power and authority, where the king’s rule is sovereign.

So it is with The Kingdom of God. God’s Kingdom is where His authority and power hold sway over all that goes on.

As Jesus said in the Synagogue in Nazareth. Its where the:

* …the poverty of sin, becomes the riches of grace…

* …the brokenhearted are mended, made whole…

* …captives of spiritual darkness are delivered into spiritual light…

* …spiritually blind are given sight…

* …oppressed are set free to live in the good Grace of God.

Without regard to place, The Kingdom of God is when the WILL of God is UNCONTESTED, and His creation is set free to be what He intended it to be.

The Kingdom’s importance can be seen in Matthew 6 in the “Model Prayer.” Jesus taught that when we pray we should begin by giving reverence, honor and praise to The Father.

Notice what is 2nd to that… Your kingdom come. Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Matthew 6:10 God’s authority and will are always done in Heaven. The same is not true of earth right now. Right now the earth is the kingdom of Satan.

Be encouraged! Satan’s kingdom has a brief shelf life. Jesus’ first coming broke his strangle hold on the world and its people and since then Jesus has been establishing pockets of His kingdom in the midst of Satan’s kingdom.

Think of it like this… every born-again follower of Christ is an expression, still imperfect, but none-the-less an expression, of The Kingdom God. In each follower of Jesus, the flesh has been crucified to the power of sin, the spirit has been made alive unto God, and the indwelling power and presence of The Holy Spirit has been given.

Literally, it is the invasion of God’s Kingdom into the lives of those He saves, and they live in the midst of another kingdom for the purpose of helping others find their way to God’s Kingdom. Colossians 1:13

TRUTH POINT #3: This is The Good News of The Gospel. Jesus brings the ability to be rescued from the kingdom of sin and Satan whose end is destruction, becoming citizens of the glorious Kingdom of God which has no end and results in forever life.

Everyone is under someone’s authority and rule. Adam’s fall caused us to be born into the kingdom of sin and Satan. The only way out is through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Jesus, the King of the glorious Kingdom of God, invaded the kingdom of sin and death. He took our poverty, brokenness, captivity, blindness and oppression. He dealt with it all in His body on the Cross. On the 3rd day He arose from death with the keys of Death and Hell in one hand and the open door to freedom in the other.

He says: whosoever will may come. Be reconciled to God.

Live under the Rule and Reign of His grace. 1 The MacArthur New Testament Commentary. The Gospel of Luke