Newness of Life Part 2

November 5, 2017


November 5, 2017

Mike Rose
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SCRIPTURE READING:Ephesians 4:25-32, ESV

It is always helpful to remember how the letter to the Ephesian church is arranged.

·         Chapters 1-3 focus on belief: Without a proper understanding and belief of what is revealed in the first 3 chapters, what is called for in the last 3 is impossible.

·         Chapters 4-6 focus on behavior: NOT a CALL to pull your bootstraps to live the “Christ-life”in your own power. But, to live out what Christ has done and provided for us, in the power of The Spirit and the Gospel.

New Speech – Vs 29

What is “corrupting talk”? 

Paul employed the word (sapros) which paints a vivid picture. It was used for food that had become rotten.   James 3:6-8

What are examples of “corrupt talk”?

·         Off-color jokes – dirty stories/

·         Profanity.

·         Vulgarity.

·         Double entendre.

Matthew 12:34; Philippians 4:8

Truth Point: What you fill your mind with WILL fill your speech.

Catch these 3 points:

1. Our words are to be edifying = build up.

2. Our words are to be appropriate = fit the situation.

    Proverbs 25:11; 15:23

3. Our words are to be gracious = rooted in love. Colossians 4:6


New Relationship to Holy spirit – Vs30

When a person comes to faith in Christ, The Holy Spirit of God moves in to take up residence in that person’s body.

It is critical that we do not choose to jeopardize the free flow of the Spirit’s power by choosing to live according to our old nature.  VS30.

The word “grieve” here means to cause pain, to bring sorrow, to cause distressPain, sorrow, distress is what we force upon God’s Spirit when we choose to walk in the path of the old nature.  

Not anger, but pain! It speaks to the LOVE that God has for us.

When I lie or use corrupt language or steal, God isn’t angry with me. His anger was poured out on Jesus when He bore my sins on the cross. But God’s Spirit is pained. It causes Him pain to see me living as a slave to sin, when in reality, I have been made a free man in Jesus/

Charles Spurgeon: “For it is an inexpressibly delightful thought, that He who rules heaven and earth, and is the creator of all things, and the infinite and ever blessed God, condescends to enter into such infinite relationships with His people that His divine mind may be affected by their actions.”[1]

Truth Point: When you realize how LOVED you are in Christ, it impacts the way you respond to The Fathers Love call to holiness.

New World View – VS31-32

The “worldview” of the unbelieving mind is represented by 6 words:… let’s identify and define them.[2]

Bitterness (pikria) = a brooding grudge-filled attitude.

Wrath (thumos) = wild rage, the passion of the moment.

Anger (orgē) = long-term, deep seeded, smoldering resentment.

Clamor (kraugē) = public outburst that reveals loss of control.

Slander (blashēmia) = ongoing defamation of others.

Malice (kakia) = the evil that is the root of all vices.

This is the natural way of the unbelieving mind when it comes to conflict. Problem is… too often it is the way the believing mind chooses to operate also, which causes great detriment to the gospel.

The Gospel is all about a new way to deal with conflict.

While God has every right to condemn us for our transgressions against Him, He instead gave His Son to take our condemnation, so that we could be set free through His grace. In like manner, the expectation upon us who have received such GRACE, is that we deal with our conflict according to the GRACE we have received.

That’s why Paul instructs the Ephesian Christians to…  Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you.

Truth Point: When someone has been given much, much will be required in return; and when someone has been entrusted with much, even more will be required. Luke 12:48, NLT (Jesus)

This statement fits many applications, and it certainly fits the life that has had an incalculable debt of sin wiped away by the grace of God through the cross of Christ.

Wrap Up

The Gospel is much more than the good-news that we can skip Hell and gain Heaven. It is the reality that God wants to transform us from the image of Adam, the man who cast the entire human race into judgement and condemnation, to the likeness of His Son who is the perfect, tangible image, of God Himself.

Without Christ: we are under the condemnation of God.

In Christ: we have passed from condemnation to perfect LOVE!   Where are you this morning?



Are you In Christ?

Are you responding to His transforming work?

Are you growing in the likeness of Christ Jesus?

Is the worldview of the believing mind becoming the way you see the world?  That’s is God’s goal for you.

If you are struggling, will you allow another believer to come alongside to help in the struggle, to support you, encourage you, pray for you?

Come and identify the struggle and lets work together in the power of God’s Spirit to overcome and move close to the image of Jesus.


[1] Hughes: Ephesians: The Mystery of the Body of Christ. Pg 147

[2] MacArthur: The MacArthur New Testament Commentary, Ephesians. Pg 190.