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January 27, 2019


January 27, 2019

Mike Rose
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Jesus’ family had RHYTHMS OF LIFE that drove their family calendar.

It’s been said that “…if you want to know the spiritual condition of a person, examine their calendar and checkbook.”  

In Joseph and Mary’s household the “rhythm of life” leaned toward the things of God. Luke 4:16 indicates they were faithful members of the Synagogue in Nazareth. Annual attendance at The Feast of Passover, at the Temple in Jerusalem, was also part of their life rhythm.

The Feast of Passover was especially important because it was the annual celebration of God’s deliverance of Israel from enslavement in Egypt and His defeat of Pharaoh and Egypt’s army.

It came to signify a new deliverance God would make, the permanent deliverance of a people from the penalty, power and presence of sin’s curse through the cross of Christ

As Joseph and Mary maintained this rhythm of life, Jesus’ comprehension about who He is and what He was here for was growing in His Spirit.

Cross-Over Point – VS42

12 was a significant age for Jewish males. It was the last year of preparation for the point of crossing over from childhood to adulthood.

At 13 a young man would officially become a “son of the commandment,” a full member of synagogue.

This signaled their coming out from under the spiritual protection of parents to become fully accountable for themselves before God.

Truth Point: All children who live to early adulthood will come out from under the spiritual protection of their parents to stand                  fully accountable before God.

What you teach them through your family’s Rhythm of Life will either prepare or hinder them from being ready for that day.


When Passover concluded, Joseph, Mary and the caravan packed it up to began the journey back to Nazareth. That they did not discover Jesus missing from the group for a day is NOT a statement of neglect on the parents part.

That Jesus found Himself immersed in the Temple is NOT a statement of disobedience on His part.

Jesus, like any other 12 year old boy, was consumed in what He was consumed with. Jesus was driven by a growing awareness of the Scriptures teaching about God’s redemptive plan and His own uniqueness.

He finds Himself in the Temple, sitting at the feet of Rabbis. He was NOT teaching them, He was learning from them. What amazed them was…

He was sitting… there was a maturity about His behavior.

He was listening… there was an unnatural focus.

He was asking questions… exceeding what is expected from

                 a 12 year old.

He was grasping their answers… despite complex issues.

Jesus’ responses… beyond the understanding of other young men.

Jesus was fully human, but He was unique in that He DID NOT have the indwelling sin nature. That perversity of spiritual deadness that dwells deep in us.

Jesus was not fighting against spiritual death within Him. He was FULLY ALIVE SPIRITUALLY, so that as God’s Words came to His ears they rang with LIFE, LIGHT and POWER.


If you’ve lost a child, even for a minute, you can understand the anxiety that Joseph and Mary experienced. 3 days separated from their child. Luke says that when they found Him they were astonished. WHY?

Because sitting at the feet of Rabbis, in the Temple, is the last place you would expect to find a 12 year old boy.

Mary said: “Son, why have you treated us so?” She was worried.

Then comes a statement that set’s everything on a new trajectory for this family. Mary says: “Behold, your father (Joseph) and I have been searching for You in great distress.”

Jesus responds with a question demonstrating He knows WHO He Is and WHY He Came.

Jesus said: “Why were you looking for Me? Did you not know that I must be in My Father’s (Yahweh) house. (about My Father’s business?)

2 Things:

Why were you LOOKING for Me?  Why didn’t you just come here to the Temple? The place called The House of Yahweh?

I must be in My FATHER’s House (about My Father’s business). With this statement, Jesus set in motion the reality that was uniquely His….

I’m not like every other child, I am unique.

Yahweh is My Father.   I am His Son.

He sent Me here on an eternally significant mission.

I must dedicate Myself to that mission.

Luke says they did not understand His statement and implies that they instructed Him to return to Nazareth with them. VS50

How did Jesus respond? And He went down with them and came to Nazareth and was SUBMISSIVE to them. VS51

Jesus did, what Jesus always does. Despite His identity as God, He humbled Himself to the authority that was over Him.

Jesus, King of Kings and Lord of Lords, knows the virtue of humility and the righteousness of SUBMISSION.  This is one of the reasons He is worthy to be exulted to the Highest place of honor and power.


Which way does your life rhythm lean?  

Toward God or toward self?

Are you aware that you’ve reached your “cross-over point?

You stand before God fully accountable. Have you by faith come under the authority and covering of Christ Jesus, or do you stand alone under the condemnation of God?

Christian: Have you discovered Who You are and Why you are Here from God’s Divine Perspective?

Are you actively engaged in pursuing The Father’s plan for you, or are you floundering in the fog this world’s identity and purposes?

Do you daily SUBMIT to The Holy Spirit’s direction in your life?

He was given to teach you God’s ways and to direct your life in the WILL and PLAN of God.