Mary's Magnificat

October 28, 2018


October 28, 2018

Mike Rose
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This passage has become known as Mary’s Magnificat.


When Mary said that her soul “magnifies the Lord,” she wasn’t saying that she did anything to make God bigger, grander or greater than He already was.  

She was saying that her vision of Him had been expanded. Because her vision of God had been expanded, her FAITH in God was also increased.

TRUTH POINT: Our understanding of God, how we see Him, is directly tied to how we trust Him.  If our vision of God is small, our faith will be as well. When God’s immensity becomes clear, our faith follow’s suit.

What caused Mary’s vision of God to expand? VS47: “My spirit rejoices in God my Savior.”

In her innermost being she received revelation from The Holy Spirit that enabled her to see God, not as a distant Judge, but as her personal Savior.

If and when one comes to see God in this light, they can’t help but begin to find that the natural ways man see God is just too small and when our vision of Him is expanded, so too is our trust in His Love for us.


Mary recognizes and admits something that few do. She admits her NEED (humble estate) and her PLACE (servant) before God.

• She knew that she was lowly… nothing to brag about or exult herself with.

• She knew that she was fallen… she had nothing spiritually to offer God.

• She knew that she was helpless… she could do nothing to bring about change.

But Mary is not in this boat alone, we are right there with her. We don’t like to admit it, but it’s true. So we work hard to put on a good show because none of us want to accept that we are lowly, fallen and helpless… but we are!

I think of the Church of Laodicea, one of the 7 churches Jesus addresses in Revelation. They saw themselves one way. Jesus saw them as they really were. Revelation 3:17

TRUTH POINT: Seeing oneself as one really is, is the first step toward the joy of knowing the overwhelming GRACE of God in your life which leads to heartfelt worship.

This is why Jesus came into the world. Isaiah prophesied it and Jesus fulfilled it.  Isaiah 61:1-2; Luke 4:18-21.

Catch this point: Until we see ourselves as we really are, poor, captive, blind, oppressed, we will not be able to receive the good-news, liberty, sight and freedom that Jesus gives.


Mary turns her attention away from who she is to who God is and she identifies three aspects of His Character:

1. Powerful

2. Holy

3. Merciful

POWERFUL: When Mary asked Gabriel how she would become pregnant, she was told that “the power of The Most High will overshadow you.”

God’s power knows no limitation:

• He speaks and worlds and living things come into existence where moments before there was nothing.

• He brought a sinless Savior into the world by causing a virgin girl to conceive in her womb.

• He erases sin’s curse, condemnation and control over a sinner’s life by taking sin upon Himself, dying in the flesh and rising from the dead.

• He moves in a person’s life in such a way that without violating the free-will He’s given, He opens the heart to Him in faith to receive the free gift of salvation.

HOLY: Think of this… SET APART.

To be HOLY means to be removed from all that is of sin’s darkness and to stand only in righteousness’ light.

Mary saw God as Holy. Yet what caused her to bless His name in lavish praise is the fact that despite His Holiness, and her lack thereof, He condescended to her so that He might bring her to where He is.

That is what The Gospel is all about!

Holy God invades an unholy world,

to rescue unholy sinners so that they can, by His grace,

become Holy even as He is Holy.

If we could grasp this as Mary did, our tongues would be loosed and we would stand to our feet and give Him praise just as she did.

MERCY:  God’s work on behalf of Zechariah, Elizabeth and Mary, is all about His MERCY.

TRUTH POINT: God is working in the midst of sinful people who deserve condemnation, so that MERCY instead of JUDGMENT can flow to those who by FAITH receive it.

God’s MERCY is not reserved for Zechariah, Elizabeth and Mary. Nor just for the Jews, nor for those whose lives have demonstrated some modicum of merit.

God’s MERCY is for the person who deserves Hell. That includes everyone, because we all deserve Hell.  Isaiah 53:5; Romans 3:10-12.

Despite who we are: lowly, fallen, helpless, God in His power, holiness, and mercy paved the path to enable sinners to go from where they are into the righteousness of who He is.

Mary caught a glimpse of this as God allowed her soul to be expanded to see Herself and Himself as they really are.