Mary - The Time Has Come

October 14, 2018


October 14, 2018

Mike Rose
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Gabriel made it clear that the child Mary would give birth to was to be given a specific name:

  • Iēsous   (GREEK)  
  • Yeshua (HEBREW)
  • Jesus (English)  

The name means Yahweh Saves

Side Note: Through Luke we’ve seen that names have meanings:

  • Zechariah = God has remembered
  • Elizabeth = God is my oath (faithfulness)
  • John = God has been gracious – shown favor
  • Jesus = Yahweh Saves

See Acts 4:12  


First His Nature: When used in this context, nature it speaks of the inherent qualities or features of something. Remember our discussion about Mary last week.

Mary: was grace conferred upon her OR was grace intrinsic to her nature?

In Mary’s case, grace was conferred upon her.

In Jesus’ case, the Angel tells Mary that greatness is intrinsic to His nature.

TRUTH POINT: John’s greatness was NOT intrinsic, but given to him by God, BECAUSE of the work he had been chosen to do. But Jesus’s greatness comes without qualification.

It’s NOT conferred because of some external duty or achievement, but strictly based on WHO HE IS!  Ephesians 1:21

Second His Identity: WHO does Gabriel tell Mary Jesus is? …the Son of the Most High;…

“Most High” is translated from hupsistos which is the Greek equivalent of one of the Hebrew Names for God, El Elyon = Supreme Sovereign Ruler.

TRUTH POINT: To say that Jesus is “The Son” of El Elyon is to say that He is of the same Character, Nature and Essence of God.  Hebrews 1:3


Gabriel goes on to tell Mary that her Son Jesus, will receive a kingdom from God, and His rule over that kingdom will never end.

Davidic Covenant:1 Chronicles 17:11-14

This is why both Joseph and Mary’s linage is traced back to David. The Messiah had to be from the “line” of David.

  • Matthew shows us Joseph’s line.
  • Luke gives us Mary’s line.
  • Jesus came physically through Mary and was adopted by Joseph therefore, by both “natural” and “national” law, Jesus is a rightful son of David and legally eligible to take his throne.


Remember Zechariah’s response 6 months earlier: when Gabriel told him that he and Elizabeth would have a son his response was…

How can I trust you? How can I know that what you say is true?  He wanted a sign. Gabriel gave him one, striking him unable to speak until John was born.

Mary received Gabriel’s announcement in faith, but asked him to explain how it would all work.

TRUTH POINT: There is NO sin asking God to explain what you don’t understand. God is happy to help us understand what we otherwise cannot know. Jeremiah 33:3

God delight’s to help us understand Him, to give us light to take our next steps. What He cannot and will not tolerate from His children is unbelief.

How can I trust you ~ VS ~ How will this happen

are miles apart.

Mary knows only one way a women can conceive a child and at this point, she is not yet engaged in that type of activity… So Help me understand Mary says.


The Holy Spirit of God!

The same Spirit who inspired Prophets of old to predict future events that have been fulfilled down to the smallest detail, He will come upon you Mary. He will overshadow you, sparking in your womb a brand-new thing… Divine-HumanityGod in Flesh.

Notice the language in VS35 “…the power of the Highest will overshadow you…”

It’s the same word used in Matthew, Mark and Luke to describe the “glory cloud” that descended on the mountain when Jesus took Peter, James and John to witness the breaking forth of His glory through His humanity.  It speaks of the Manifest Presence of God engulfing, encompassing all that is present

MaryGod is going to engulf you by His presence and work a work within you that is too grand, to marvelous for words.

TRUTH POINT: God has done no less with each of His Children… Actually MORE! Instead of overshadowing us for a time, He has permanently filled us with His Spirit so that everything we need to follow and do His will, is always available and sufficient.


As only a humble girl, from a humble place, who is further humbled by overwhelming grace could reply Mary says…Behold, I am the servant of the Lord; let it be to me according to your word.” VS 38

What an example of the best way to respond to God when He calls…

I am Your servant, let Your will be done!