Mary - Righting the Wrongs

November 4, 2018


November 4, 2018

Mike Rose
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PROPHECY: looks forward and to a singular event for the most part, but that’s not always the case, Biblically speaking.

Sometimes a prophecy has a “near” – “far” aspect, where the prophetic word speaks to something that will happen in the near future, but it’s ultimate fulfilment is further down the road.     Isaiah 7:14

Sometimes prophecy has a “past” – “future” context. Such is the case with the last four verses of Mary’s Magnificat.

SETTING THE STAGE: Mary received Gabriel’s word about conceiving the Christ-Child. She travels to see her relative Elizabeth who has conceived in her old age, the forerunner of The Messiah, John The Baptist. When they come together, they erupt in a season of blessing and worship.

• Elizabeth praises God and blessed Mary and herself.

• Mary turns her praise exclusively vertical, seeing herself as needy and God as able to meet any and every need.

At this point, Mary turns her praise toward the prophetic, speaking in terms of what will be because of the life of her Son, while speaking in terms of what has been done through God’s omnipotent power.  



History: Daniel 4, King Nebuchadnezzar’s pride.

This was NOT the first and it would not be the last. Proud men and women have risen to shake their fist in the face of heaven only to be brought down to nothing.

• Herod Agrippa – Acts 12:22-23

• Napoleon

• Hitler

• Stalin

• Saddam Hussain

• The Anti-Christ & Satan will be no different Rev:19:17-21; 20:10

TRUTH POINT: God has worked throughout history, humbling the proud and because of Jesus Christ, Mary’s Son, He will permanently REVERSE the moral climate of the earth, striking down sin & death, elevating righteousness and life.  Revelation 21:1


History: Daniel 5, King Belshazzar’s debauchery.

Philippians 2:9–11

TRUTH POINT: Mary saw the social reversal prophetically from the past and in the future. Because of her Son, The Messiah, what is accounted as powerful, popular, desired in this age, would be turned inside-out, upside-down.

The Meek, not the self-powerful, will be the ones to inherit the earth.


In this world, at this time, to be hungry (in any context) is thought to be a curse and to be rich (in any context) is thought to be a blessing.

God sees it in a different light.

Richness (I’m not just talking about money) causes people to feel self-sufficient, self-secure, self-assured. It leads one toward PRIDE.

Like the church at Laodicea I spoke about last week, who thought they had need of nothing, yet Jesus said they were poor, blind and naked.

So it is with people who are RICH in this world’s estimation.  They tend to trust in self, see no need for change or humiliation. They have it all and all is good.

Hunger (I’m not just talking about lack of food) causes people to realize their need. It drives them to seek for that which can fill and satisfy.

From God’s perspective, richness can be a curse because the person who trusts in self, will ultimately discover the poverty of their self-wealth, being found spiritual paupers.

While hunger can be a blessing, because it drives them to the only “bread” that can satisfy, The Lord Jesus Christ.  John 6:35  Filled with Him they become RICH in the grace and mercy of God and are satisfied as they dwell with Him eternally.

Israel: The people who have been hated, hunted and martyred throughout history.

• They will discover their Messiah.

• He will deliver them.

• They will rule and reign with Him.

• They will inherit all God promised.

Truth Point: All of this is possible because God kept His promise to send a Deliverer, as the Seed of The Woman, the virgin conception and delivery of the only begotten Son of God, Jesus.

Jesus’ manifestation in this world changed the course of everything and brings about REVERSAL that would not be possible apart from Divine Intervention.

Condemned Sinners become Beloved Children of God, because…

• Jesus took our sin upon Himself

• He paid our debt.

• He died our death.

• He rose to new life that we might become sons and daughters of the Living God.

I doubt that Mary saw it all perfectly, but in The Spirit, she spoke prophetic truth and magnified God for His glory, grace and mercy to us.


On the 1st Sunday of each month, The Mission Church celebrates the BREAD and CUP of Communion.

• The BREAD symbolizes the body of our Lord Jesus which was given as a sacrifice for sin on the cross.

• The CUP symbolizes the blood of our Lord Jesus that was poured out for the forgiveness of sin.

When followers of Jesus gather for communion, we remember His great sacrifice through receiving the BREAD and CUP.

If you are a follower of Jesus Christ, you are invited to join with us in this observance.

If you have not yet trusted Jesus, let the tray go by. You won’t be judged. We all once were outside of faith in Jesus. Know this, God loves you so much that He gave Jesus to deal with sin so that repenting sinners can be free from sin and its condemnation and become dearly loved children of God. Would you give me an opportunity to talk further with you about this?