Maniac to Missionary

October 13, 2019


October 13, 2019

Mike Rose
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Disciple-making is the process of intentionallyentering into relationships to…

·        …help people follow Jesus,

·        …be transformed by Jesus, and

·        …join Jesus in His mission.

This is the pattern of ministry Jesus lived out?

·        Engaged in a process– not an event

·        Intentionallyconnecting Himself with others

·        Through relationship,calling people to follow Him.

·        Jesus transformedlives as they walked with Him.

·        Jesus employed Hisfollowers in His Mission of taking The Gospel to the world and makingdisciples for Himself.

Scripture reading: Luke 8:26-39, ESV

Answers from a demoniac –VS26-29

Last week concluded with the disciples asking oneanother “…who can this be?” The questioncame on the heels of a horrendous storm that threatened their life, and Jesus’ability calm the winds and waves with His spoken word.

Luke says that as they disembarked the boat theycame headlong in contact with a man who had demons. The state of the man was quite graphic. However, thedemonic spirits dwelling in him Jesus’ true identity.

What have I/we to do with You, Jesus, Son of the Most High God?

Truth Point #1: The true identity of Jesus is not hidden from Satan or the demonic realm. Although they chose not to serve Him, they none-the-less cannotdeny who and what He is.  James 2:19

The terror of these demons obvious. The demonspokesman said: I beg You, do not torment me.

Confrontration of light todarkness vs30-33

Jesus commanded the demon to leave the man, butbefore that happened, a short but meaningful dialogue took place between them. Jesusasked the demon’s name. “Legion” was the response. Luke interprets the meaning …for many demons had entered him.

The significance ofthe word “Legion” is found in its use and meaning. It identified aspecific unit size of the Roman Army. A Legion would have at least 1,000soldiers, but it could be as high as 6,000.

The next statement is fascinating! Legion…begged Him not to command them to depart to the abyss. What is the place called the “abyss,” and why is itso terrifying?

Called the “bottomless pit” in Revelation 9:1-2, it is a place wherecertain demons were banished after their part in cohabitating with human women,producing a “hybrid race,” which in no small way was an impetus for theflood of Noah’s time.

Revelation 9:3-11 tells us that during the coming tribulation period someof these imprisoned spirits will be released as a judgment on the Christrejecting world, and they will bring unprecedented destruction and death. Theabyss is also the place Satan will be banished during the Millennial reign ofChrist on earth. Revelation 20:1-3

Truth Point #2: Scripture declares it, and the demons know as well,that there is an appointedtime for their judgment and torment. Their time to deceive, torment and blind the nations to God’s glory willconclude, never to be seen or heard of again.

As Legion prepared to leave the man, they make a fascinatingrequest; Jesus, will You give us permission to inhabit the bodies of thosenearby pigs?

Truth Point #3: Satan, nor the demons, have freedom to do as theywill. They are subservient to God’s rule and reign and are unwittingly used by Him to accomplish Hisplan established before the creation  

I have no idea why Jesus gave permission to enterthe pigs, but He does, and the result is 2,000 pigs (Mark) running down the hill, into the sea and they drown.

fearful rejection – vs34-37

The men who were in charge of thepigs were absolutely horrified. They ran back to the city to tell everybodywhat they had seen and heard. When the curious arrived on the scene, inaddition to a couple thousand pigs floating dead in the water, they found theman who everybody feared…

·        …sitting at Jesus’ feet,

·        …clothed,

·        …in his right mind,

There should have been a celebration, but that’s notwhat happened.  VS37 says they were …seized with great fear! Aman who had been out of his mind, living like a rabid animal was no calm, lucidand pleasant.  That’s not something tofear, but to celebrate!  However, theywanted nothing to do with Jesus.

Truth Point #4: Sin is a blinding force. Even in the face of the miraculous power of TheSon of God, no spiritual light could penetrate their darkness. They were the “hardened soil” Jesus spoke of and gospel seed was not welcomedthere.

Take Note: Jesus didn’t argue or plead with them. Hedidn’t try to convince them with another miracle. He simply got back in theboat to leave them to their fearful rejection.

Bible Commentator DavidGooding writes:  What a sad comment on man’s fallen and unregenerate state it is, that manshould feel more at home with demons, than with the Christ who has power tocast out demons. Yet it is often so. Men who would try to help a criminal or adrunkard, or, if they should prove incorrigible, would want the one imprisonedand the other put into hospital, find it embarrassing and somewhat frighteningif the criminal is saved by Christ and turned into a sane, wholesome,regenerate disciple.

zealous Missionary – vs38-39

The demoniac turned saint begs Jesus to allow him tojoin His band of followers. He had experienced a life-altering transformationand Jesus is the one who made it happen. He hungered for more from The Master

However: Jesus sent him away, saying, 39 “Return to your home, and declare how much God has done foryou.”

This man had not been discipled, he didn’t know oneverse of Scripture, he didn’t have a church family to pray for and encouragehim when things were tough.

What he had was histestimony of the delivering power of Jesusand the inexhaustibleenthusiasm of one who knows without a doubtthat they have been transformed by God.

Truth Point #5: All you need to be an effective missionary forJesus is your own personal story of redemption and the ongoing transformation ofJesus in your life. Nothing trumps your own testimony of how much God has done for you.  


Have you experienced the transforming power of TheSon of God, Jesus Christ? God brought you here today to hear about Jesus’ powerto save and transform. His call is COME!

Ø Come and believe the good news of Christ.

Ø Come and receive forgiveness of sin andeternal life.

Ø Come and join Him in His mission to rescuesinners from destruction and make disciples who take the gospel to the ends ofthe earth.