Laying the Foundation

January 7, 2018


January 7, 2018

Mike Rose
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This is a historic day, one of many to come in the near future. Today we begin the process of turning the page from our identity as First Federated Church to The Mission Church.

Truth Point: More than simply moving ourselves to a new physical location and changing the name, we are REPLANTING this ministry.

That means we’ve not assumed anything, but reviewed everything and are prepared to lay a fresh foundation upon which to build this church.

Scripture Reading – Acts 2:42-47,ESV  


Today’s Scripture Reading records the birth of the New Testament Church, the beginning of the fulfilment of what Jesus promised in   Matthew 16:18.

VS’42-47 give us glimpse into how they related to God and to one another as the first ever Church of Jesus Christ. Here we find the foundation points of what every Christ centered church should be and what will be the foundation upon which The Mission Church is built.

Three specific “postures” defined their relationship and ministry together:

1.     Gathered To Worship.

2.     Grouped For Relationships.

3.     Grew Through Service.


Before diving into Our Pathway, it’s important that we review the Mission & Vision that give birth to Our Pathway For Ministry.


Mission & Vision

Truth Point: As part of The Church that Jesus is building, we do NOT get the latitude to decide what we will be or do. Christ has laid out a Mission before us and by virtue of the fact that we are bound in Faith to Him, we are also bound to His Mission.

2 New Testament Scriptures give us the picture of our Mission

·         Matthew 22:34-40 – The Great Commandment

·         Matthew 28:18-20 – The Great Commission

The Mission for Christ-followers is clear and compelling. The following statement was crafted to make it easy for us to remember why we exist as a church.

Love God, by loving others, leading them to become

fully functioning followers of Christ Jesus.

The MISSION gives birth to an equally clear and compelling VISION for our Ministry.

Establish a growing body of believers in Urbandale Iowa,

who embrace and live out the gospel of Jesus Christ,

to the end of making healthy, maturing followers of Jesus across generational, gender and racial lines.

This is our purpose… our reason for existence:

·         LOVE GOD

·         LOVE OTHERS

·         MAKE DISCIPLES  …of Jesus Christ.

Truth Point: Loving God, by loving others, helping them to become fully functioning followers of Christ is NOT an event but a lifetime pursuit.


Truth Point: We MUST establish a rhythm of life and ministry that constantly proclaims and lives out the gospel, leading the repentant to faith and the believer to maturity in Christ.

Our Pathway

As you can see, there are 3 primary pillars upon which we plan to carry out The Mission Jesus has given us.

1.     Worship Gatherings = Gathering for Worship (love God)

2.     Life Groups = Grouping For Relationships (love others)

3.     On Mission = Growing Through Service (make disciples)

When we talk about the CENTER or FOUNDATION for ministry, it begins and ends with Him.

The Centrality of Jesus      Colossians 1:15-20, ESV

Truth Point: There are two places a church can place its focus for ministry: man or Christ.

Passion for man: The prevailing idea undergirding a many ministries is that God’s motivation to act on our behalf is centered on the happiness of man.

This leads ministries to be “man focused” seeking methods or means to captivate man’s attention and win their allegiance.

Passion For God’s Glory: Instead of being focused on man’s felt needs, we find Jesus calling on mankind to focus on Him as the Messiah… Lord… Son of God.

The call of Christ to His Church is that it lift Him up to the world as the only answer to that which destroys humanity, (sin) and the only pathway to right standing with The Father (salvation).                  John 12:32


Truth Point: The only thing that we have to offer that has the power to bring spiritual life and transformation for eternity, is a The Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Gospel is JESUS Himself and He must be at the center of everything that The Mission Church IS and/or DOES.

Wrap Up

The foundation for ministry at The Mission Church is JESUS.

·         He is the Head of the Church.

·         He is the Savior of The Body.

·         He is the only Hope that we have to offer the our families, friends and the people of Urbandale and the Metro Area.

Two statements of Christ serve as the basis of our MISSION and VISION for Ministry:

The Great Commandment

Love The Lord your God with all of your heart, soul and mind… and your neighbor as ourselves.

The Great Commission

Make disciples of all nations (people groups) baptizing them in the name of The Father and The Son and The Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all of Christ’s commands.

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