Infinite Ability

September 3, 2017


September 3, 2017

Mike Rose
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There is a spiritual disease running rampant in the church.

I.G.S. – Impotent God Syndrome

·         It’s attacks one’s faith, causing it to shrivel and lose confidence in God.

·         It attacks one’s spiritual eyes, causing them to dim, failing to see the sufficiency of God that is all around.

·         It attacks one’s spiritual memory so that past examples of God’s power and provision become lost in the haze of fear & doubt.

Tell-tell signs of IGS

1.     Denial – sufferers always affirm God’s limitless in power and ability, but find ways to explain why they are not trusting Him in their situation.

2.     Refusal to ask IGS sufferers don’t see prayer as productive activity to engage in.

3.     Anger-Frustration:  sufferers of IGS are easily irritated when attempts are made to encourage trust God and to patient waiting of His provision.

Scripture Reading: Ephesians 3:20-21, NKJV

Context: Paul has spent 3 chapters pulling back the curtain of The Gospel, showing us God’s plan of redeeming, uniting and eternally keeping those He set His sights on before He created the world.

·         How God is able to bring spiritual life from spiritual death.

·         How He takes Jews & Gentiles and makes them one new race in Christ Jesus.

·         How He changes our identity from Adam, to Jesus… makes us sons/daughters of The Father, citizens of His Kingdom and heirs in the vast riches of God.

Before crossing the bridge from what God has done for us, to what He does through us, he finishes with a doxology of Praise and Affirmation of the reality that exists between God and His Children.


Our Focus – vs20

Now to Him… where is your focus as you live life?

Church Leaders Publication: 10 Characteristics of Leaders who give up too easily.

Reason #2: They see circumstances more than God who is bigger than circumstances.

·         Item #2 leads to #4 = They don’t pray much

·         which leads to #5 = They are pessimists

·         which leads to #7 = They are impatient

·         which leads to doing what we do in the power of our flesh, disregarding the power of God.  

Paul says: don’t go down that road

·         Be patient.

·         Be optimistic.

·         Keep the circumstance bathed in prayer.

·         See Christ as bigger than the circumstance. Hebrews 12:1-3, NLT

His Ability – vs20

He …is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think…

Paul is not giving us his opinion here, but REVELATION from the Holy Spirit about the reality of God and His intention toward His own.

Dr. Warren Wiersbe… lays it out in outline form:

            I. He is able to do

   A. …do exceedingly

   B. …do exceeding, abundantly

   C. …do exceeding, abundantly, above all


If God’s ability is infinite…

·         …why do we see circumstances as bigger than God?

·         ...why do we fail to bring our needs before Him?

·         …why are we pessimistic & impatient?

·         …why would we give up and quit?

God is NOT impotent, but Infinitely Able for any task no matter how big or small.

In Us

He …is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us,

Accessing this power of God comes by BELIEVING and nothing else.

I don’t have to see or feel powerful within myself, but I do have to receive God’s revelation, believe it and take steps accordingly.  Romans 6:11

Experiencing the reality of Romans 6:11 in this world, is a matter of FAITH… believing what God is telling you and taking steps accordingly.


The way to keep yourself from IGS is?...

1.     Keeping your focus on Christ, not circumstances.

2.     Remembering that He is Infinitely Able.

3.     His Ability is available to you, working in you.


The Result

What is the purpose of God granting us His Infinite Ability?

His Glory