Gathering for Worship

January 14, 2018


January 14, 2018

Mike Rose
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Our Mission:

Love God, by loving others,

helping them become

fully functioning followers of Christ Jesus

Our Vision:

Establish a growing body of believers in Urbandale Iowa,

who embrace and live out the gospel of Jesus Christ,

to the end of making healthy, maturing followers of Jesus

across generational, gender and racial lines.

Our Methodology is called  Our Pathway:

 Scripture Reading – Acts 2:42-47,ESV  

As people came to faith in Jesus they adopted foundational practices that define what a church is about:

VS42: Devoted themselves to God’s Word… the revelation given by The Holy Spirit, to the Apostles, which is now contained in the pages of The New Testament.

-       Devoted themselves to fellowship… togetherness based on their common faith in Jesus and membership in the family and kingdom of God.

-       Devoted themselves to breaking of bread…  in this context meaning that they gathered regularly to celebrate the gospel through the observance of communion.

-       Devoted themselves to prayer… personal prayer, yes, but also corporately coming together to engage with The Father in prayer.

VS46:This took place in “full-body” gatherings = Temple

-       It took place in “small-group” gatherings = Homes

VS44-45: Whether at the Temple, or in Homes, a mindset of serving one another’s needs and those of the community was foundational to their engagement together.


Gathering For Worship

The Mission Church places great emphasis on gathering weekly for Worship because God’s Word places a high emphasis on it.         Hebrews 10:24-25

When we gather as God’s people, first and foremost in our focus is:      The Word of God

First, Jesus is The Word: John 1:14.

Second, The Word is God’s Truth: John 17:17.

Third, The Word “sanctifies” us (conforms us to His holy image):      John 17:17; Romans 12:1-2.

Finally: The Word contains everything we need to become fully functioning followers of Christ.  2 Timothy 3:16-17  

Without apology The Mission Church holds up The Bible, as God’s inerrant and infallible revelation that enables us to know Him and to Worship Him in Spirit and Truth.

4 points describe what we can expect from The Mission Church as we Gather for Worship weekly.

The Bible Will Be Read:  1 Timothy 4:13; Matthew 4:4

The Word of God, read aloud in our hearing instructs and  reminds us of God’s wisdom, principles, commandments, prohibitions and desires for our lives. Part of DNA will be congregational participation in the reading of God’s Word.


The Bible Will Be Preached:2 Timothy 4:2

Preaching is God’s chosen way to communicate the gospel.         Romans 10:14,17

The Mission Church values the method known as “expository preaching” Perhaps you’ve also heard the word “exegetical.” Both terms relate to:

·         taking a text,

·         discovering what the text says and means,

·         then out of the text, bringing that truth to light and application.

The Bible Will Be Prayed:1 Timothy 2:1; Matthew 21:13

More than the Pastor offering a prayer before the message or someone praying for the offering, the “church body” will be given the opportunity to participate in ministering to the needs of others by praying for them.

What about guests? Won’t that make them uncomfortable? Perhaps, but guests need to see that the church is alive, that it believes God is worthy to be praised and worshipped, that we believe God hears prayer and answers in personal ways.

The Bible Will Be Sung:Ephesians 5:19;Psalm 96:1-4

The songs of The Mission Church will be based in Scripture, centered on the Glory of God, the Majesty of Christ, and the empowering presence of The Spirit.

Our songs will NOT be traditional… they will NOT be contemporary… they WILL BE Spiritual, Scriptural, Gospel infused, Christ honoring, doctrinally sound proclamations

The Bible Will Be Seen:Christ gave His church 2 visuals to help us understand, preach and celebrate The Gospel:  Baptism – Communion.

Baptism: Jesus commanded that all His followers be baptized in water, just as He was, as an outward symbol of their inward faith in Him.

Baptism identifies a person as having repented of sin and trusted Christ for salvation. It also identifies a person as a member of the Universal Church, The body of Christ. As such it gives the picture dying and being buried with Christ and rising again to new eternal life.


When practiced correctly, baptism is a once in a lifetime practice that naturally follows repentance and faith in Christ

Communion: The bread and cup of communion became for the New Testament Church, what Passover was for Judaism – A celebrated symbolism of God’s redemption.

The Mission Church will observe Communion on a monthly basis so that the physical/visual symbols of Christ’s Sacrifice are never far from our thoughts and so that the gospel is regularly illustrated for non-believers who attend our services.

Today we celebrate Jesus’ sacrifice that forgives sin and brings new life and new relationship with The Father.


Wrap Up     


The Mission Church:

·         Biblically Based

·         Christ Centered

·         Community Focused