Evidences of Spirit-Filled Living

March 4, 2018


March 4, 2018

Mike Rose
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Series Review 

Ephesians has 2 distinct foci…

·         Chapter’s 1-3 focus on The Gospel Revealed.

The curtain is pulled back so that spiritual light can expose Who We Are & What We Have when we are IN Christ.

·         Chapter’s 4-6 focus on The Gospel Lived Out.

What does life look like when a person comes to faith in Christ, understanding their spiritual identity and possessions.

When we suspended our study, our focus was on Living Out The Gospel.

Chapter 4 exposed us to the UNITY that is to mark our lives because we are together IN Christ.

We learned how Jesus, through The Spirit, gives Spiritual Gifts to His people for works of ministry so the church can grow.

We saw how we are to give ourselves continually to life transformation as we lay aside the old life and put on the new.

Chapter 5 we were exhorted to be “imitators of God” which set us to examine our LIFE WALKlifestyle choices.

We were instructed to WALK in love, gratitude, purity, light wisdom and finally to WALK in The Spirit.

We took note of the difference between:

·         “Baptism of The Spirit,” which is once in a lifetime                                                             occurrence.

·         “Filling of The Spirit” which is to be a continual action                                                  on our part.

Being filled with The Spirt is not at “volume” issue, it’s a “control” issue.


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Scripture Reading – Ephesians 5:17-21,ESV  

3 evidences are given of a Spirit Filled Life…

1.        Songs from the heart to God

2.        Thankfulness to God

3.        Submission to one another in reverence to Christ.

Songs from the heart to God

Evidence #1 of a Spirit-Filled Life is the existence of a “New Song” in one’s heart to God – VS19

Do not overlook that one of the “Anchor Books” of The Old Testament is The Psalms – Israel’s Hymn Book. Psalm 33:1; 40:3; 96:1-2; Psalm 149:1

3 of the 4 Scriptures from Psalms instructs us to sing a “NEW SONG” to the Lord… What is that about?

There are songs of the flesh and songs of the Spirit. Songs of the flesh are naturally about the things the flesh is energized by. Not always sinful, but often they are.


                      If you dare, take the challenge of picking your top 5 secular songs, print out the lyrics, and ask yourself…

·        …what is this song communicating…

·        …when I sing it, what am I communicating?


Paul points out that its natural, when “filled with The Spirit,” to communicate to God, and others, with song… psalms, hymns and spiritual songs.   


Psalms: refers primarily to the Old Testament psalmswhich focus heavily on the nature and work of God in the lives of His people.

Hymns: refer to songs of praise which the early church distinguished from the Psalms because they were more focused on exalting The Father and praising Jesus Christ The Son.

Spiritual Songs: refer to songs of personal testimony that cover a broad category that include any music that expresses spiritual truth.

Truth Point: The point is NOT to dictate any specific style of music, but to show there many genres’ of music that can focus on, praise and communicate the glory of God.

This is the nature of the “new song” that is to fill the hearts of spirit-filled believers… songs that worship, praise and glorify God in His many attributes, works and excellences.

Truth Point: Non-believing people can only resonate the songs of the flesh… they have no genuine capacity to embody and proclaim the “new songs” of faith in Christ…

Believers who are not filled-with The Spirit tend to gravitate toward the songs of the flesh because their mind is focused on fleshly things.

Spirit-Filled Believers will evidence their “fullness” by an overflow of the spirit and heart, with songs unto God, in the company of others, that worship, praise and glorify God.

Thankfulness to God

Evidence #2 of a Spirit-Filled Life is a heart that is filled with gratitude to God – VS20


There are only two way to look at the events of life… through the eyes of the flesh or the eyes of The Spirit.

Truth Point: Only The Spirit of God provides an eternal perspective, empowering one to see the trials of life through the lens of how God may use them to shape and mold us into the people He saved us to be.    James 1:2-4; Romans 8:28

Submission to one another in reverence to Christ

Evidence #3 of a Spirit-Filled Life is willing submission to one another in reverence to Christ – VS21

Submission Defined: Biblical submission is a spirit of humility wherein one seeks the welfare of others before our own.

Truth Point: Spiritual songs, even thankfulness can be somewhat manufactured by the flesh (faked)… but submission, voluntarily placing self below others, that’s something that flesh will not tolerate


When a person is “filled with the Spirit” there are many evidences that follow…

·         A decrease in the works of the flesh (Gal 5:19-21)

·         An increase in the fruit of The Spirit (Gal 5:22-24)

According to Paul’s inspired writing to the Ephesians, when we are filled with The Spirit there will be…

1.   Songs from the heart to God.

2.   Thankfulness to God.

3.   Submission to one another in reverence to Christ.

Let each of us examine our own walk to see where things are in our submission to the indwelling power of The Spirit.

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