Directions For Disciples

June 16, 2019


June 16, 2019

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Scripture Reading Luke 6:37-45, ESV

Directions For Kingdom LIving –VS37-38

Don’t Judge: is NOT a prohibitionagainst calling-out sin as sin, but of passing final judgment on the personcommitting the sin.

Condemnation: follows in the samevein. I can condemn the act of child abuse, but I cannot condemn the abuser.

Truth Point #1: God has given us the rightand obligation to judge and condemn actions that violate His holiness, but judgment and condemnationof the person is the exclusive domain of God.

Forgiveness: I encourage you to read Jesus’ parableof The Unmerciful Servant, Matthew 18:21-35. It teaches that as we havefreely received forgiveness of the incalculable sin debt we owe The Father, weare to freely forgive the modest sin debt others owe us.

Giving: I can’t help but notice that Jesus goes out ofHis way to paint a vivid picture of the positive consequence ofgenerosity.

Give and itwill be given to you. Jesus recounts thecommonly understood methodology that was in play when packing seed into a bagfor a customer.

·        Good measure… the bag wouldbe filled about ¾.

·        Pressed down… the seedwould be compacted.

·        Shaken together… a good shakewas given to ensure there were no empty spaces in the bottom.

·        Running over… it was filledto the top so that there was no way the bag could hold anymore and it wouldspill over the side.

Truth Point #2: We cannot out giveGod. His capacity for generosity is infinitecompared to our finite ability to give.


The Danger of False Teachers –VS39-42  

Two things before we unpack this.

1.       The method used to make this point is that of Parable.

2.       Remember who is present for this sermon:

·        12 Apostles, freshly selected from the disciples

·        Disciples… possibly hundreds who are eager to learn

·        Crowd… possibly 1,000 or more who are curious

·        Religious leaders ofIsrael… not named but given their presence at every otherevent thus far, it would be a rare occurrence if they were not present there inthe crowd.

As Jesus moves through this parable the targetof His negative comments are the Pharisee’s,Sadducee’s and the Scribes/Lawyers… they are:

·        Theblind of VS 39

·        Theteacher of VS 40

·        Theperson with the log in their eye, VS41-42

Primary Purpose: to draw a distinctionbetween Himself and the religious establishment of Judaism, with an eye towardwarning the people not to follow after them.

Secondary Purpose: to confront the religiousleaders with another warning that they were off track and the only hope theyhave is in Him.

The Blind: The religious leaderswere spiritually blind. Leading with no spiritual light, anyone following themwould be as blind as they were, and the result would be devastating. They both wouldfall into “The Pit” which is a reference to the eternal condemnation ofHell.

Teacher & Student: Jesus points out anobvious reality. When we attach ourselves to a teacher we become like thatteacher. For those listening to Jesus, this came with a positive and negativeconnotation.

·        Negative Connotation: following the Scribesand Pharisee’s would result in the learner perpetuating the rules, regulations,and works of Judaistic death.

·        Positive Connotation: followingafter Jesus would result in the learner discovering the way of grace and faith which lead to life,not only here and now, but in eternity.

Log & Speck: The Scribes andPharisee’s were in a lather about what Jesus was doing or not doing on TheSabbath.  But while they were trying tofind a “speck” in Jesus’ eye regarding their traditions of The Sabbath, they had a LOG sticking out oftheir eye concerning MURDER.

Truth Point #3:  We don’t have to fall to the damnableteachings of false prophets. Safety is found in closely following Jesus, beinga student and practitioner of The Word of God.   James 1:22-25


The “tree” = People.

The “fruit” = LifeActions.

Jesus says that the overall life actions of anindividual will tell whether they are citizens of God’s Kingdom or prisoners ofSatan’s kingdom.

WARNING: be carefulhere!  Every good tree will bear somefruit that is less than acceptable, and every bad tree will have some worksthat look pretty good.

But know this that when push comes to shove,when life gets squeezed by trials and tribulations, what is deep inside will comeout. Either The Works of The Fleshor The Fruit of The Spirit.   Galatians 5:19-23.

Truth Point #4: The only life that canproduce fruit consistent with The Kingdom of God is one being transformed by Jesus the King.


Wrap Up

Which of Jesus’ directing points do you need todeal with today?

judgment / condemnation – forgiving / giving?

Do you need to take a close look at who you areallowing to be your teacher?  You willbecome like them.

Perhaps there’s a log of sin blocking yourability to see clearly or maybe you need to examine the works and/or fruitbeing produced by your life.

It may be the foundational issue of who you arefollowing? Only Jesus will lead to a loving, right relationship with The Father.All other so-called “messiah’s” will lead you to eternal condemnation.

How can I pray for you?  Can we talk about it?