Choosing The Right Foundation

June 23, 2019


June 23, 2019

Mike Rose
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As Jesus brings His “sermon on the level” to aclose, He asks a piercing question of those who have heard the Word of God. It’sa question of relationship and application.

Scripture Reading Luke 6:46-49, ESV

Confused faith  – VS46

The question is: Why do you call meLord, but do not put My instruction into practice? It’s the type ofquestion no one enjoys being asked.

But as much as we dislike this type ofquestion, it is the best kind of question a person can ask us. This type ofquestion helps us examine the potential incongruity of the way we are livinglife.

For a non-believer, rejecting the Lordship ofChrist, to live as one sees fit, is not incongruous at all. It’s what should beexpected. But for a follower of Jesus to say Jesus is Lord, but ignore Hisinstructions, is to show they have a CONFUSED mind and a DIVIDEDheart.  

At the heart of the matter, Jesus’ question isa warning about the perils of building one’s life on the faulty foundation thatsays we can separate doing from hearing.

Truth Point #1: Truth is not found inthe profession of our lips alone, but in the actions of our hands and feet. Life actions carry the weight of what we really believe.

correct faith – VS47-48

Jesus returns to the “teaching device” ofParable to paint a vivid picture for maximum understanding. He uses the conceptof a house’s foundation to make His point.

Jesus says that the person who hears Hiswords and puts them into practice is like the person who builds ahouse on a rock-solid foundation. When the winds and the waves of life’s trialsblast against it, it will take a beating, but it will stand.

Truth Point #2: The “house” ofthe parable is a metaphor for our lives. It is never a question of IF severe tribulation will beat against us, but WHEN.

The illustration given of the Willisfamily is an EXTREME example of a “life storm”. One most of us willnever have to endure. But we will endure “life storms” because it ispart of living in a fallen world.

The question is: when “lifestorms” come, is my “spiritual house” built on the rock of Jesus Christ by hearingand doing His word?

James, the half brother of Jesus wroteabout the inseparability of hearing and doing. James 1:22-25.

Truth Point #3:Hearing is only ½ of the equation. When the Master speaks, His words are meantto become action in His servants’ lives. Only thenis His truth fully grafted into us.

The quantity of a life foundation is inthe combination of KNOWING and DOING. This is when our faithbecomes life-giving.

counterfeit Faith – VS49

From His initial words about salvation, towhat it looks like to follow Him, to instructions about kingdom living and thedangers of false teachers, Jesus is making it clear that hearing His wordsalone offers nothing of value the hearer.

Jesus’ words are action oriented.Therefore, if His words do not generate an active response from the hearer,they become dead words which lead to spiritually dead living.

Truth Point #4: Jesuswords are NOT intended to frighten,manipulate, force, or cajole.They are meant to inform us of an absolute, universaltruth; The Gospel is to be believed and actively lived out.  


Wrap UP

How do the Christ-followers of The MissionChurch fair on this issue? Are we hearing and doing?

·        Turning fromthe upside-down thinking of the world to the right-side-up repentance of theKingdom of God.

·        Loving ourenemies.

·        Doing good tothose who hate us.

·        Blessingthose who curse us.

·        Praying forthose who abuse us.

·        Turning thecheck when struck.

·        Going theextra mile to settle disputes.

·        Giving tothose in need.

·        Activelydoing for others, the good we want for ourselves.

·        Refrainingfrom judgment and condemnation.

·        Engaging inforgiveness and generosity.

·        Turning adeaf ear to false teachers.

·        Putting intopractice the words of life our Savior has given for our development into Hisperfect image.

Too overwhelming?

Take one instruction of The Lord and seekThe Spirits aide in putting into into practice. To practice what you hear fromThe Word is to lay those first solid bricks on the foundation of that is JesusChrist.

Final Thought:Everyone is building a life. What foundation are you building your life on?

Choose The Right Foundation!