All Authority

May 26, 2019


May 26, 2019

Mike Rose
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Take Note of 10 ways Jesus demonstrated or claimed His authority as The Messiah. Luke 4-6

1. 4:6-7: Satan offered Jesus his authority over the nations if He would worship him. Jesus rejects the offer, because His authority comes from The Father, not Satan.

2. 4:28-29: Jesus demonstrates His teaching authority in the Synagogue of Nazareth… which is violently rejected.

3. 4:32,38: Jesus demonstrates His teaching authority again, at the Synagogue in Capernaum, it is enthusiastically accepted.

4. 4:38-44: Jesus demonstrates His authority over disease, physical maladies and demonic spirits, through healings and exorcisms.

5. 5:1-11: Jesus demonstrates His authority to call men to follow Him, becoming His personal disciples.

6. 5:12-16: Jesus demonstrates His authority over the effects of sin, through His healing of a Leprous man.

7. 5:17-26: Jesus demonstrates His authority to forgive sin through His healing of the Paralytic.

8. 5:27-29: Jesus demonstrates His authority to replace the bankrupt system of Judaism, with a new pathway to righteousness… referring to Judaism as “Old Wineskins” and His Gospel as “New Wine.”

9. 6:5: Jesus claims His authority as Lord of The Sabbath.

10. 6:12-16: Jesus demonstrates His authority to elevate select disciples to the place of Apostleship, becoming the new ministers (leaders) of the 12 tribes of Israel and who will have their names inscribed in the foundation stones of The New Jerusalem… Revelation 21:14

Defining the terms:

· Disciple = student - follower – learner.

· Apostle = messenger – ambassador – representative

Jesus had many disciples, but from the many disciples there would come only 12 Apostles.

They would have the unique privilege and distinct burden of being Jesus’ first generation…

· messengers of the gospel,

· ambassadors to the nations

· authoritative representatives of Jesus and His kingdom.

TRUTH POINT #1: Although Jesus is God in Flesh, during His earthly journey He operated primarily from the human side, with His divine attributes surrendered to The Father.

Despite His inherent authority over all things, He needed communion with The Father, in prayer, to discern The Father’s will concerning the matters He faced

The impetus (energy, drive, thrust) of Jesus’ authority on earth, was His dependent posture of prayer, to The Father, reliant upon His authority and power to make kingdom decisions or take kingdom action.

Out of Jesus’ dependent prayer we find confident, powerful and decisive action moving God’s kingdom plan forward. Jesus calls 12 men to lay the foundation and launch the world-wide movement that became known as Christianity. Who were these men?

· Two sets of brothers: Peter & James – John & Andrew.

· Levi (Matthew) a sell out tax collector for Rome.

· Simon a Zealot… meaning he was pro-Israel and militantly negative about anything not.

· Philip and Bartholomew (Nathanael) Thomas, James son of Alphaeus, Judas son of James and Judas Iscariot who betrayed Jesus to His death.

· 4 fishermen, 1 tax-gathering sellout, 1 hot-blooded Israeli nationalist, 5 inconsequential country boys and 1 thieving traitor.

· None wealthy, no priests, scribes, famous, connected, noble, elder or ruler of the people. According to their critics they were “unschooled, ordinary men.” Acts 4:13

Apart from the revelation that came by way of prayer, who would we have picked for this history changing task? We would pick the most educated, experienced, confident, ability laden, celebrated, fast paced, aggressive, no-nonsense men we could find. WHY?

Because we know you can’t win with losers!

Yet, through dependent prayer, Jesus confidently and authoritatively picked 12 top losers. WHY? Because, their inability would highlight God’s ability working through them, so that the praise would be God’s alone for doing the impossible with the impossible.

TRUTH POINT #2: Jesus has no need for the self-confident, self-impowered, self-promoting to build His kingdom. He uses the humble, shaky, lest likely to carry His message, train His workers and build His kingdom.

Authority speaks of… POWER, COMMAND, CONTROL, MASTERY, DOMINANCE, DOMINION, RULE, SOVEREINTY, SUPREMACY. It identifies one’s RIGHT to enforce their vision of how things ought to be and to expend the resources to make it happen.

Scripture tells us a day is coming when Jesus will exercise His authority over all creation, manifesting His vision of how things ought to be. This begs the question: how does Jesus think things ought to be?

TRUTH POINT #3: When Jesus’ authority is fully exercised, death, sin, Satan, are banished. Love, joy, peace, life, health, abundance, gentleness, kindness, truth, are the order of the day, for everyone, everywhere.

Until then, the present and limited exercise of His authority is sufficient to carry us to God’s good future for those in Christ.

· It saves us from the penalty of sin.

· It is saving us from the power of sin.

· It will deliver us from the presence of sin, eternally.

1. The absolute necessity of personal and corporate prayer.

Jesus, God’s Son, spent the night in prayer before making an important kingdom decision or taking kingdom action. How much more do we, His disciples, need to follow His example before our decisions and actions?

This highlights why The Mission Church must come together regularity in prayer to our Lord.

June 9 – July 14 – August 11

8:30 – 9:30

2nd Sunday Morning Prayer Gathering

2. Because of the indwelling presence and power of The Holy Spirit, we can “BE” and “DO” all that Christ asks of us. His authority will provide all that is needed to follow Him obediently and faithfully.

3. There is no need, failure, fear or inadequacy that cannot be overcome by the authority of Christ as He brings His Kingdom power to bear in our lives.

It’s not a promise of perfect health, wealth and happiness in this world, but an assurance that Jesus will walk through the fire with us, strengthening us to endure and to be transformed to a more accurate likeness of Himself.

Jesus’ Authority is manifested in many ways in creation, but none is more important to us than His authority over sin, death and Satan through the redeeming work of His Cross and Resurrection. Have you come under the Redeeming Authority of Christ Jesus? Will you turn to Him today?

Fellow Christian, it is all too easy to retake the reigns of life and behave as though we live according to our own authority. That is a mistake! Humble yourself by returning your life to the authority of Christ. His primary goal is to make you more like Him so that you can fulfill the purpose of your life… glorifying God and enjoy Him forever.