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What Should I Expect on Sundays?

We gather each Sunday to worship Christ, teach His Word, and fellowship together in prayer, song and service. Dress is casual. Snacks and beverages are available before the service and you are welcome to take them into the Worship Center.

Our music is Christ-centered, drawing our hearts to focus on the glory and splendor that are uniquely His. The weekly message is taken from the Bible, presented in an “expositional” style (the point of the passage is the point of the message applied to life). Our goal is to create an atmosphere where you can connect with Christ and His followers.

Are You Part of a Denomination?

The Mission Church is an independent body of believers without a denominational affiliation. For specific doctrinal questions, take a look at what we believe.

How Can I Become a Member?

The local church is distinctly unique among human organizations. Its distinctiveness is found primarily in that it is of Divine, rather than human, origin. The Lord Jesus announced that the “church” was His idea, and that He would be not only be the Head, but the primary builder of it. (Matthew 16:18) The church is not a building, denomination or even a list of beliefs and practices. The church is a people who have been called out of spiritual death, made spiritually alive in Christ Jesus, following Him as Savior and Lord.

Because of this uniqueness, we believe it is necessary to ensure that those who become members of this local church understand and believe the gospel of Jesus Christ. This is where our relationship as followers of Jesus begins. We believe it important to grasp the mission He gave us to carry out and how we have been led to make that mission personal in our context. To assist potential members in these understandings, we offer a class called Entry Point. In this class we discuss:

·         The Mission – Why we exist as a church.

·         Core Beliefs & Values – The foundation of the ministry.

·         Church Leadership – How the church is governed.

·         Our Covenant – How we live as followers of Jesus.

Please contact the church office at 515.255.2122 or email us at info@themissiondsm.org to inquire about our next Entry Point Class.

Do Children Attend the Service with Their Parents?

We will always welcome your children in our weekend Worship services.  However, we believe children learn best in a setting created just for them.  We have programming for your child ages birth through 6th grade while you are engaged in Worship. To learn more about our children's programming, check out our Kid's Ministry Page.

How Do I Know My Children are Safe?

We take security very seriously.  Please stop at the Welcome Center if you are new to our church and we will register you and your children.  Once registered, your children will receive a name tag as well as a security tag which must be presented at pick up time.  All staff and volunteers must go through an application process to be a part of our Children's Ministry team which includes a background check.