Disciple-Making Workshop

Every Wednesday from Aug. 14-Sept. 4

6:30 pm


8:00 pm

TMC Community Room

Pastor Brett Ricley

Disciple-making is the mandate from The Master.

Do you long to join Jesus in His mission of making disciples of all nations and taking the gospel message to the ends of the earth? Have you ever struggled with knowing where to start or what to do?

This 4-week disciple-making workshop is for every disciple of Jesus and will effectively equip you with a clear plan and simple tools to know how to:
- know where to start
- share your story and God's story
- learn who to engage and who to disciple
- disciple someone one on one
- lead an intentional small group focused on disciple-making
- train others disciple-makers
- multiply disciple-makers

This workshop is designed to train any believer to be an effective disciple-maker regardless of age, experience, knowledge, or length of time walking with Jesus.

This is a workshop; not a lecture or class. Expect to come to learn but also put things into practice immediately. We will "workshop" things in each session and begin practicing the tools you'll learn about. Come ready to engage and join the mission of Jesus! Sessions build on each other so the best approach is to commit to coming all four weeks. However, if you can't make all four I'd still encourage you to come to the other sessions. There will be a lot of valuable tools each week.